Old Boys ‘In Memoriam’

The lives of deceased Old Boys are remembered at each Council meeting and at the Association’s AGM.

The names listed in the attached documents below are for those Old Boys whose passing has been notified to the Association in either the current or previous presidential years.

News of the death of an Old Boy can reach the OBA and/or the School via many different channels but, sadly, that news is not always received close to the actual date of death.

The names listed are, therefore, shown in the order that such notification was received:

Deceased OBA Members 2013-14

Deceased OBA Members 2014-15

Deceased OBA Members 2015-16

Deceased OBA Members 2016-17

Deceased OBA Members 2017-18

Please click on the link below to view remembrance articles that have been submitted by members of the Schools’ Community in respect of Old Boys:

In Memoriam Articles