Becoming a Member

_TMC1070Becoming a member

On acceptance of a place in Year 7 at the Senior Girls’ School, pupils are automatically enrolled in the membership payment scheme enabling girls to be members by Year 11. All girls are enrolled in this scheme, unless parents opt out, by writing to the Headmistress.

The full price of membership is £30.00. This is paid by 5 annual installments of £6.00, payable with the Spring Term fees, so that by Year 11, the girls will be members, and the full membership has been paid. It will be shown separately on the fees invoice.

If girls join the School after Year 7 entry, the Admissions Office will contact parents and invite them to join the Association payment scheme, paying any missed installments as a lump sum, e.g. if a pupil joins Year 9 in the Autumn Term, a lump sum of £12 will be requested, with 3 further installments of £6 in the following Spring terms.