Primary School Trips

Reception Learn to Bake!

On Monday 26th September our Reception children took part in a baking workshop led by our very own Mrs Darbyshire. They discovered where their toast comes from and talked through the different stages of the breadmaking process. The highlight of the session was most definitely when they got to handle the dough for themselves and make a bread roll to take home. Many didn’t make it through the school gates though, too tasty to resist! Thank you Mrs Darbyshire!

Reception Visit Stockley Farm

The reception classes recently enjoyed a fun-filled and busy day out at Stockley Farm. The children made some new and interesting friends and had the opportunity to meet and feed the latest additions to the farm. As well as this the children explored the surrounding woodland and even enjoyed a ride on the back of the tractor.






The Beatles Story – Year 4

On Friday 27th June, Year 4 were taken on their last trip of the year to ‘The Beatles Story’ on the Albert Dock. After covering the topic for the last 6 weeks, the girls were very excited to learn more about John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Group 1, led by Miss Ley, began their exciting trip with a visit to the Beatles exhibition itself. Inside, the girls were fascinated by being able to view some of the real clothes, instruments and merchandise from the 1960’s. With their earphones securely in place, the girls set off to explore the museum and were thoroughly interested in what new facts they could learn! Group 2 meanwhile, were in the ‘Discovery zone’ learning all about how music was played during the time the Beatles reined the charts. They neatly coloured a happy birthday message in for Ringo Starr, which the enthusiastic tour guide promised would be sent over to him in time for his 75th birthday next week! The final activity in the zone involved an interactive piano, song lyrics and a few screams!  After the morning fun, everybody was ready for a bite to eat, so we leisurely ate our lunch together in the ‘chill area’. The afternoon activities consisted of a 4D cinema experience which the girls, and teachers, absolutely loved! The girls happily sang away to the Beatles classics ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, ‘She loves you’ and ‘Strawberry fields’, while being squirted with water, thrown back into their simulated chairs and ticked by octopus! A wander around the Elvis exhibition followed and gave the girls an insight into the lives of one of the Beatles’ most influential and inspirational artists. All of the girls were a credit to Stanfield throughout the trip, listening well to instructions and behaving sensibly while out in public. On behalf of year 4, I would like to thank Mrs Birtwistle and our helpers Mrs Evans, Mrs Mackenzie, Miss Callaway and Mrs Tinsley. A superb trip which I’m sure the girls will remember for a long time!
Report by Miss Ley

Year 2 Visit the Glass Museum

Year 2 visited The World of Glass, on Wednesday 12th March, as part of our Materials topic for Science. We learned about the properties of glass and had a tour of the original Cone Building where the glass used to be made. We watched a very exciting demonstration of glass blowing and a 3D film, which explained the benefits and necessity of glass. We had fun painting a glass and enjoyed exploring the Mirror Maze!

Reception’s Trip to Underwater Street

On Friday, 12th October Reception went on their first school trip together. We spent the day at Underwater Street in Liverpool – an indoor discovery centre filled with ‘hands on’ activities. There are six exciting zones which include a story tent, water exploration (where we made our own boats and panned for gold), a darkroom and cave where we explored our senses, light and sound, a real car to paint, balloon powered cars to make, a giant bubble to stand in and Imagination Village for role play. There is also a construction area and an opportunity to construct your own house; a perfect topic for us this year with our own new build happening! In the afternoon we watched and participated in a science show, conducting experiments and predicting results. We even made our own volcano erupt! It was a fantastic day out and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Year 2 Visit to Staircase House

On Monday 14th October 2013, Year 2 went to Staircase House in Stockport. We have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ in History and we re-enacted parts of the story. We had the opportunity to dress up as Samuel Pepys, Jane the Maid, a Link boy, Charles 11, maids and soldiers.

We went into Jane the maid’s kitchen and made bread and ship’s biscuits. We designed our own fire marks and learned that they were used as a way of telling the insurance company which buildings were insured, so help would be given to put the fire out! We explored the use of wattle and daub in building.
We had an enjoyable and exciting day!

Year 3 A day out in Liverpool

On Wednesday 8th May we went to Liverpool. We went on the coach and I was Harini’s partner. We were very excited! When we arrived everyone raced off the coach, we were at the Albert Dock. We walked around and took photographs of the ships. We saw a big building, which I recognised, it was the Liver buildings. We walked up to see The Beatles who were a famous pop group from Liverpool and we took pictures of their statues.
Afterwards we had a ride on the yellow duck. Ava and Emily sat in Prince Philips seat! The yellow duck took us all around the Albert dock where we saw a picture of a famous ship called the Titanic which sank in the Atlantic ocean in 1912. We had a visit to the Tate gallery shop before stopping for lunch. I bought a cool sketchpad.
After lunch we went to see the art in the Tate gallery, which I really enjoyed. We drew pictures of the artist’s pictures in a little sketchpad. At the end of the day the coach took us back to school. I had so much fun.
Isabelle Wilson 3R

An Exciting Day Out!

On Wednesday, 8th May 2013 I went to Liverpool with Year 3. On the coach, I sat next to Halle, my friend. We were going to Liverpool because Year 3 are doing a local area project and Liverpool all in one. When we were nearly at the Albert Dock I saw the Liver Birds nearly everyone took pictures of that.

When we were at the Albert Dock we saw boats on the River Mersey. Next to the River Mersey were statues. There was one of a family but behind the family was a young boy, the young boy he was poking a crab with a stick. There was another statue that one was a wind instrument but I am not sure which one.

A little later we went on the Duck Tour, I also sat next to Halle then! We sat behind the driver. On the Duck Tour Emily and Ava sat in the red seat and that was where the Queen or Prince Philip sat !

After that we went to the Tate Gallery. Once we had settled down in the lunch room we went to the gift shop in Tate. I bought a sketch book and a pink pencil. Next we went to have lunch. I had a tuna sandwich.

Finally we went to the art gallery. We met an artist and she did a drawing without looking at her piece of paper it was really good! After she did it, we did it, most of us looked down but I didn’t.

After a short while it was time to go home. Halle and I were very tired after our day sightseeing in Liverpool.
By Millie Laycock 3R