Primary School News

Year 2 Have a Smashing Time at the Glass Museum

Year 2 visited The World of Glass as part of our Materials topic for Science. We learned about the properties of glass while exploring some of the museum’s artefacts. We also toured the original Cone Building where the glass used to be made and learned more about how men, women and even children used to work in the factories producing glass. We watched a very exciting demonstration of glass blowing and discovered that the furnaces used during the glass blowing process are kept at temperatures of up to 1300 degrees C; hotter than the inside of a volcano! A 3D film explained the benefits and necessity of glass and how glass might play an important part in developing technology and innovations in the future. Finally, we had fun painting our own glass too.

Vikings Day with Year 3

On Thursday it was Viking Day for Year 3. We all went downstairs to the Year 4 classrooms and met a Viking called Wayland. Firstly, he said hello by saying ‘goodar’ which is Viking for hello.

Next we got Viking costumes and dressed up. After that he told us a lot of information. Like the Vikings put dragon heads on their ships to scare off the sea monsters. But they had to take them off when they got near an island because the people there would know that the Vikings had come. Then Wayland showed us some artefacts. He showed us chainmail which protected their body. Wayland also showed us an animal skin. He told us that the Vikings didn’t wear much animal skin because if it got wet it would be really heavy.

After lunch we went back downstairs and Wayland told us some instructions. I had to pick an object and draw it. For our second activity we got a spear and shield and had to charge at Wayland. Our third activity was making an oil lamp out of clay. My fourth activity was to make a board game. I played the game with Evie. Last, we had to take our tunics off and we asked Wayland questions. I loved that day! My favourite part was when we had to charge at Wayland.

By Coco M


On Viking Day we met a half Viking half Saxon called Wayland. First he said ‘goodar’, that means hello. Next, we got dressed up in tunics, head dresses and ropes to put round ourselves.

After that, Wayland showed us all of his artefacts which was interesting. Some of the artefacts were a sword used for fighting and a box for sitting on for the ships that they made. They made ships with wood overlapping each other so the water couldn’t get through. The Viking showed us how he could make fire with his hands. He used a piece of metal and a piece of flax and rubbed them together to make a spark. It was so cool.

In the afternoon I made an oil burner with clay. I got my hands very dirty. Secondly, I made a board game with chalk, cloth and clay. It was very fun. After that I drew pictures of the artefacts Wayland had brought with him. The last activity was charging with spears and shields.

At the end of the day we took our tunics off. We had time for questions. I loved today. It was so much fun.

By Pippa C


New Library for Stanfield Children

We are pleased to announce that MTPS Stanfield now has a new library. We would like to thank the PTA for their generous donation, which has enabled us to buy some specialist library furniture. The children are all looking forward to using the new library and we are hoping to start Infant Story Club after the Easter break.
S.Garforth and S.Taylor.