Primary School News

MTPS Create a Chess Set Competition

Over the holidays, the organisers of our Chess Club, Paul and Rosie Dansey, set a challenge for anybody interested to create their own chess set and board using any creative materials you may have at home!

We had several very impressive entries and the winning designs were chosen.

1st Prize was awarded to Edith Marshall (RW)

2nd Prize went to Priyanka Gowda (1M)

Reception Stay and Play

Our Reception classes held yet another successful Stay and Play session towards the end of last term. The EYFS Unit was filled with parents and relatives collaborating with the children as everyone got stuck into lots of fun-filled ‘Dinosaur-themed’ activities.

Viking Day with Year 3


On Monday 27th March it was Viking day. It took place in the hall. We had Viking day to learn about Vikings.

First of all, we got a brown cloth. We pretended to cut down a big brown tree and then we sat on the ship (brown cloth) and pretended to row the boat.

Next we learnt about a shield wall. We had to stand shoulder to shoulder and our shields overlapped other people’s shields. The Viking (Njal) taught us how to protect us from enemies when they’re going to aim at our legs. We put the shield down to the legs, but, they are going to aim at our heads we put the shield to our heads and so on.

After a while, Miss Jack and Mrs Silverman dressed up as monks. Njal gave them silver and gold so we could invade them, later on we had to CHASE Miss Jack for her gold!

Later on Njal took us outside, he got a piece of rock and steel he used a cloth too. He rubbed the steel and rock together and tried to catch a spark on the cloth to make fire and it worked! I couldn’t believe it.

After a while Miss Jack sold us to the Vikings! Chloe and Sophia had to stand in wee! We had to beat them too. We made underwear Jessica made a bracelet too.

At Viking day I learnt so, so much stuff. It was such a good day I enjoyed it so much.

By Gabriella.

Holiday Club is in Full Swing!

Holiday club is in full swing, yesterday the children were kept busy making chocolate & berry muffins, gymnastics, football & badminton as well as den building and Easter chick Pom poms, I’m sure you’ll agree the end results looked delicious, the children were the quietest they had been all day whilst sampling the cakes!

Year 2 Have a Smashing Time at the Glass Museum

Year 2 visited The World of Glass as part of our Materials topic for Science. We learned about the properties of glass while exploring some of the museum’s artefacts. We also toured the original Cone Building where the glass used to be made and learned more about how men, women and even children used to work in the factories producing glass. We watched a very exciting demonstration of glass blowing and discovered that the furnaces used during the glass blowing process are kept at temperatures of up to 1300 degrees C; hotter than the inside of a volcano! A 3D film explained the benefits and necessity of glass and how glass might play an important part in developing technology and innovations in the future. Finally, we had fun painting our own glass too.

Appointment of Acting Headmaster for Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School from September 2017

The Governors of Merchant Taylors’ Schools are delighted to announce the appointment of Deiniol Williams as Acting Head of the Senior Boys’ School from September 2017.

Deiniol Williams joined Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School in September 2014 as Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral) and a Teacher of Biology. He spent the first nineteen years of his career working in boys’ schools until he took on the role as Head of Sixth Form at Wisbech Grammar School, a co-ed environment. He has a BSc(Hons) in Marine Biology and he currently plays the cornet and trumpet as well as being a nationally qualified Sub Aqua Instructor.

Beverley Bell, Chair of Governors commented that “we are delighted to have someone with Deiniol’s warmth, energy and ability to lead the Boys’ Senior School from September. The Board of Governors would like to take this opportunity to thank David Cook for all he has done for the school during his 12 years as Headmaster and wish him the best of luck when he takes on his new role”.

Deiniol Williams commented “I am extremely honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School from September 2017. I look forward to working with Governors, Staff and Boys to build on David Cook’s legacy in order to develop the School’s impressive reputation and standing on both a local and national level”.


Year 6 Perform Romeo and Juliet

Love, Fate and a Touch of Perfection – Year Six Girls Startle Crowd with a Powerful Production at MTGS Crosby as Part of Their Shakespearean Project.

There were no ‘frothy, elf-skinned hugger-muggers’ in this group of girls whose ambitious dreams became a reality on Thursday, 9thFebruary. This was when Merchant Taylors’ Year 6 girls gave a spectacular performance of Romeo and Juliet.

Prepared in just over a week, the visually stunning staging, well-cast parts and fantastic tech crew all came together to create a magnificent performance. Though some parts were memorably dark there were also many moments of humour in this astonishing production.

Stage Door Theatre Company choreographed the dances and coached the actors whilst a film director worked with the tech crew to produce a documentary about the making of the production.

During the performance no stumble or mistake was made in the acting or dancing and the tech crew did a spectacular job in the lighting box and behind the scenes.

A member of the tech crew, Elsie Manson, said: “ I really found the lighting and camera work interesting and the portrayal of all the characters was spectacular!”    

Actor Ellie Clark (Paris), commented: “It was a thrill to experience acting from behind the scenes and to see the excellent finished performance.”

Sophia Neophytou (dancer), stated: “It was inspiring to have this fascinating experience!”

Following the performance, the Year 6 girls left with a  feeling of triumph and a thirst to continue acting, dancing or working behind the scenes in the technical side of theatre and film production.

Reported by Roxanne Hallett, Year 6

New Classrooms at Hope Preparatory thanks to Stanfield Charity

During 2016 Stanfield’s School Council organised a range of whole school charity events, including cake sales, a ‘Santa Dash’ and mufti days, in order to raise the £7000 needed to help our link school Hope Preparatory, in Sierra Leone, build a new 4 classroom build. The land had been bought by the former Headteacher, Mrs Doherty, who visited Stanfield in 2011, but who sadly passed away before her proposed idea could begin.

Building work started in November 2016, with the help of Mrs Doherty’s brother, who has taken over as the new Headteacher and Mr Power from MTGS, who has been an important link between Stanfield and Hope Preparatory School in Sierra Leone. He will fly over to officially open the school in May this year on our behalf.