Primary School News

Year 2 Science Visit

Year Two were thrilled to visit MTBS science laboratories last week! Linking to our History topic of The Great Fire of London, we wanted to explore the reasons why the fire spread so easily though London and why it was so difficult to contain.  An afternoon at the Senior Boys’ School was a wonderful way to bring to life our History topic and explore practically the reasons why so much of London burned during the Great Fire.

We were invited to don our safety goggles, whilst the Senior School teachers helped the children to understand the effects of burning different materials, whilst exploring different methods to extinguish a flame. We concluded that water can be used to extinguish a fire and that flames needs oxygen to burn.  We were able to watch a super experiment showing how fire spread along a row of connected houses and how a fire break can stop this.
The children also enjoyed other exciting demonstrations.  Dr Clay held out his palm filled with bubbles. He chose a child to take a lighted taper and place it in the bubbles mixture on his hand. Imagine our surprise as he held a ball of flames in his palm.  In a further experiment, demonstrated by Mrs Wright, the children watched in eager anticipation as she was able to make flour explode.  The miracle of science!
All teachers emphasised the importance of safety at all times. Whilst enjoying ourselves immensely, we were constantly reminded that these experiments were only safe to conduct, because we were in the school science laboratories, watching demonstrations by fully trained scientists, who were using the correct safety equipment.
Year Two thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and really appreciated the time, effort and care shown by our colleagues in the Senior school- we are greatly looking forward to our next trip! 

Year 6 evacuation day

On 1st November 2016, Year 6 were taken down to the Girls’ School for an evacuation day to help us with our World War Two history topic.

When we arrived at school there was a steam train video clip on in our dark classroom to help us imagine what it would have been like for a real evacuee in World War Two. Everyone was dressed as evacuees except for the teachers who were dressed as Billeting Officers. They got us into lines and took us down to the Girls’ School.

On arriving, we were taken to the Lower Library. There were neat rows of tables and chairs, which we sat down at. Our teacher put on real footage from the war. It showed pictures of children that made you almost feel like you were in their position. When it had finished we were “billeted off” to different classrooms. I was sent to where the Year Tens were having a Spanish lesson. After the lesson, some of my friends and I were taken to have our photos taken for the school website.

A few minutes later, we found ourselves back in the Lower Library where we were told to write a letter home to our parents. We had to visualize ourselves as evacuees and imagine what they would have felt like. Group by group we were also taken to the Green Room to film a short piece of work about being evacuated. When it was finally time for lunch we were all starving but because of rationing, we could only have a meal of beef stew, bread and jelly. When we had finished lunch we had a short break and then went inside to watch some of ‘Carrie’s War’.

After a few hours, we were taken off to do PT (Physical Training). We did something called drills, which is when we all had to march around the hall in exact unison. We also had to do some of it in gas-masks (which we had made in school the day before) as they would have done back in World War Two.

After PT, we headed back to the library. Just as we were sitting down an alarm rang. Everyone recognized the sound from lessons immediately. It was an air-raid siren. There was a mad rush for our gas-masks and then we all hid under the large tables. Mrs Oakes put bombing sound effects on. Just the sound of them was enough to scare me and I could hardly imagine what it would have been like in real life. Finally, the “all clear” siren came on and everybody was relieved to get out from under the cramped tables.

When we arrived back at school we were all worn-out but happy after our long day experiencing the life of an evacuee!

by Sophia Neophytou

Year 2 Visit to Staircase House

On Monday 10th October, Year 2 went to Staircase House in Stockport. We have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ in History and we re-enacted parts of the story. We had the opportunity to dress up as Samuel Pepys, Jane the Maid, a Link boy, Charles 11, maids and soldiers.

We went into Jane the maid’s kitchen and made bread and ship’s biscuits. We designed our own fire marks and learned that they were used as a way of telling the insurance company which buildings were insured, so help would be given to put the fire out! We explored the use of wattle and daub in building.
We had an enjoyable and exciting day!

‘Le Cafe’

On Thursday 3rd November Year 6,7 and 8 pupils joined Year 6 pupils from Great Crosby Primary school for a performance of a French play ‘le café’. All pupils joined in helping Collette navigate her way through a terrible first day whilst learning some French along the way!

Holiday Club Fun!

The children at Holiday Club have been having lots of fun this week! Activities have included pupils designing their own T-Shirts and participating in a variety of sporting activities!

Lots of fun was also had making spooky jellies and an early Christmas stocking filler idea which as well as looking brilliant tastes delicious, Hot Chocolate Reindeers.  The children have been so well behaved and are a credit to their parents, after an afternoon in the pool we finished off the day with The Flintstones Movie.

On Tuesday the boys and girls created their own robot called Milo and used the Lego WeDo app on the iPads to control him. They also added a sensor to make him stop whenever he saw an object in the way.


We also used Makey Makey to control different games. Here Thomas is playing Tetris using buttons made out of playdough!


Outside we took advantage of the dry weather and worked on our mental addition skills by playing turtle darts.


New Library Opened at Stanfield

Thanks to Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School PTA who have sponsored the creation of a brand new library at Stanfield. Members of the PTA and all the schools’ librarians attended the official opening which took place just before half term. This is a fantastic new resource for all the pupils at Stanfield and they are extremely grateful to MTGS PTA for their continued hard work and generosity.





Roxanne Raises Funds in Memory of Mum

Roxanne Hallett in year 6 has done extremely well raising funds for charity this week. With the help of her friends she has been selling books and a variety of things that she has made herself and has raised an incredible sum near £550! Roxanne has worked very hard to raise these funds in memory of her Mum who sadly passed away this summer. Her wish is to split the money between Cancer Research and Woodlands Hospice who had cared for her mother.



Reception go to Forest School!

Reception children enjoyed a fabulous trip to Croxteth Park earlier this week and experienced the fantastic ‘Forest School’ led by Julie and her team at ‘Nature to Nurture’. Great fun was had by all as we developed our skills in den building and whittling (or wood carving!) with potato peelers! Mallets were used to explore the Japanese art of ‘Hapa Zome’ as we bashed flowers and herbs to create patterns and discover wonderful scents and smells, and the trees created a perfect canvas on which to sculpt scary faces with clay and a range of natural materials. The highlight of the session was most definitely melting marshmallows over the camp fire and squishing them between biscuits to make delicious s’mores! Bark rubbing, leaf collecting and pine cone gathering all enhanced a wonderful day, and ensured we had some very tired children on our return to school!

Reception Stay and Play

Last week the Reception team opened their doors to welcome parents and grandparents into the unit for the year’s first Stay and Play sessions. The children proudly showed off the various areas, participating in lots of fun activities including dough making, windmill building, letter collaging and number hunting! The session ended with a crash course in phonics and the adults were put through their paces learning to blend and segment and where to put those sound buttons! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, the children had a fabulous time!