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MTGS Year 6 and 7’s Road to Rio

MTGS Year 6 and 7’s Road to Rio

Years 6 & 7 joined together to learn about Olympic traditions and celebrate this year’s Olympic Games taking place in Rio. Throughout the day the girls have experienced a variety of activities aimed at integrating the new Year 7 into the Senior School.

The Geography Department worked with the girls highlighting the stark contrast between rich and poor communities within Rio de Janeiro. By watching video clips comparing life in the Rochinha favela, which is one of the poorest and largest shanty towns, with the lives of those living in the rich area of Barra di Tijuca, they were able to appreciate how Rio is a city of two halves. They discussed the sourcing of materials for shanty houses and got creative by designing then constructing their own shanty homes. Once completed, the models were combined to form a favela.

Some of the groups had the opportunity to explore Brazilian food. They also tasted ‘Brigadeiro’ which are traditional Brazilian chocolate truffles. The girls then baked their own delicious fairy cakes and decorated them with an Olympic theme made up of coloured rings and flags.

Acknowledging the symbols of the ancient Olympics, laurel wreath crowns were created by some groups to the sound of Rio carnival music. The girls had great fun modelling their finished pieces.  Colourful Olympic rings were also cleverly constructed using the challenging art of origami.

The artist and sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s distinctive style was the inspiration for creating sculptured figures representing various athletic poses. The girls worked in groups, looking at the human form, movement and balance. Garden wire and foil materials were used to great effect.

The Classics Department explored the origins of the Olympic Games and studied the images portrayed on ancient Greek vases. They used these images depicting various sporting events from the ancient Olympics, such as: running, chariot racing, discus throwing, pentathlon, wrestling, boxing and pankration, in order to produce eye-catching bunting and intricate mosaic designs.

To unite all the activities and bring the amazing and busy day to a close the iconic Olympic rings were formed using a fingerprint from each pupil.


Year 4 Pupils Travel Back in Time for an Aztec Day

Year 4 Pupils Travel Back in Time for an Aztec Day

The Year 4 girls were lucky enough to travel through time to attend the Aztec Calmecac school this week, to learn how to become an Aztec priestess!

A fun day was arranged for the pupils to learn all about Aztec schooling, taste Aztec food, preform Aztec dances as well as two Aztec sacrifices to please the Gods. 

Luckily, the Gods looked favourable on our two sacrifices (Olivia Davidson and Kaitlyn Hodges) who were reborn!

MTPS Inca 2016-001

My Aztec Journey

Arabrab (Mrs Richardson) and Enaj (Mrs Owen) hosted an awesome Aztec day for all of year 4!

We came into school dressed the part. We all wore a toga with clothes underneath.

To start our Aztec day off, we learnt about Aztec schools, so we could feel the part. Arabrab had set up a fake fire with chilli powder in the classroom for the Aztec punishment.

We then had an Aztec feast with tortillas, nachos, chocolate and dips. They tasted amazing!

After lunch we made gods eyes! They’re two twigs stuck together (like a cross) with wool. There are four points and they represent earth, fire, water and air. When a baby was born a father would weave one layer of wool and so on throughout the years. They are so pretty!

After that Enaj taught us an Aztec dance! We put it together with 4N.

At the end of the day, Arabrab and Enaj made some sacrifices! They chose Kaitlyn and Olivia to be sacrificed to heaven!

That was our Aztec day!

By Charlotte Corner’s

Traveling to the Amazing Aztecs

On Wednesday 29th of June Year 4 had their amazing Aztec Day to get the feeling of being an Aztec child and to learn about their culture.The Aztecs were a fantastic tribe who settled in the north of Mexico.I had fun on Aztec Day and the teachers had worked very hard.

Firstly,we talked about Aztec schools.We talked about what boys and girls learnt.Boys learned from their fathers to be an Aztec warrior as well as harvesting the food.Girls learned from their mothers who taught them how to cook and prepare the meals.Aztec punishments were very cruel.If you are under the age of ten your punishment would be pricked with the sharp spines of a maguey cactus.Boys sadly would be held directly over the fumes of the smoking chillies.

          Then we talked about the Aztec food.We made a menu while children were invited up to taste the scrumptious food.We were allowed to drink some chocolate which was very popular for the Aztecs on a menu,a tortilla with salsa (the salsa was optional) and some Doritos with a choice of four dips,one of them was guacamole.The menu we made was an Aztec menu for a calmecac (calmecac means school).The menu was planned in our General Work Book,then copied onto a sheet with a border with detailed and coloured in pictures.

          Next,we were taken down to the hall.We learnt how to play an Aztec game.The game was called Bench Ball.The way to play was;you start the game with the team on the one side but with one teammate on on the other side on the bench,you have to try and pass it with your elbow to a teammate,and if you pass it to your teammate on the bench you also go on the bench,the aim of the game is to get all of your team on the bench before the opposing team does.

          After that,we danced to a lovely piece of music.The music really made me feel like an Aztec.Mrs Owen taught us the dance.We created a circle and danced in all different directions.In and out ,forwards and backwards and right and left.I loved the dance and it was fun dancing with my friends.

        Finally,we made a God’s Eye.To make a God’s Eye you will need some thin plant holders and some different coloured thick wool.(Thin wool is ok but you will need a lot of it).I enjoyed making the God’s Eye.At first I thought it was very hard but now I think it is easy.

 I loved Aztec Day.I think all the selected activities that were chosen were fantastic.The activities, if I were to number them, they would go in this specific order,1 God’s Eye,2 making the menu,3 discussion about Aztec schools,4 Aztec p e and 5 the Aztec dance.

by Mayukhi Mittal

My Aztec Day 

On the 29th of June year 4 had an extremely outstanding Aztec day. Arabrab (Mrs Richardson) and Enaj (Mrs Owen) hosted are fantastic Aztec Day.

We all dressed up to school with a white sheet to set the scene. After that we all finished off are headdresses, then Enaj set a fake fire (red and orange tissue paper) then put some chilli powder, for punishment (in Aztec times) they took boys to the fire to inhale the smell whereas the girls where just threatened. The we went to the hall to show off our ‘beauty’.

This was my favourite part we finally ate some food. We ate nachos (doritos), tortillas, salsa, dips and some scrumptious chocolate. Then we did some work about a calmacac (an Aztec school) and about Aztec food witch made me hungry!

After lunch we did an energetic Aztec dance and sadly I couldn’t do the gods eye from wool, but loads of people told me that Olivia and Kaitlyn were sacrificed to Aztec heaven!

By Varshaa Premakantha

French Play

On Wednesday, years 5,6 and 7 had the chance to watch a fun an interactive French Play. The girls were treated to a wonderful show depicting what to do and how to deal with a real life situation if they ever ended up stuck in a French hospital! They girls had a lovely time, volunteering and participating with the production and were a credit to the school.

English Schools Swimming Finals – Junior Results


Congratulations to the Junior Swimming Team, who competed in the English Schools Swimming Finals, in Sheffield on Saturday.

The girls swam exceptionally well, reaching the finals in both the medley and freestyle relays and coming 15th overall in both events.

The team consisted of Isabella Green, Hannah Neave, Grace Maciver, Maya Ravindran and Ashlyn Warnock. Niamh Scott-McCormack also attended as the reserve swimmer. The girls were a credit to the school and thoroughly enjoyed their day. Well done girls.

Medley Relay Team

Freestyle Relay Team

Year One’s Castle and Knights Workshop

‘The Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed their Castle and Knights workshop. The children dressed up in traditional costumes and were invited to the King and Queen’s wedding.
They performed a medieval dance, juggled with the jester, balanced feathers, had a go at jousting on horseback and discussed pillory punishments.
The children had a wonderful time playing traditional medieval games too.

Grace Barr at the Shetland Pony Grand National

Grace Barr at the Shetland Pony Grand National

Devon Show 2016 3

Year five pupil, Grace Barr, recently competed at the Devon Show in the Shetland Pony Grand National on the 24th May 2016. Grace competed on Nix Nadine during the event and placed an impressive 2nd and 3rd in a range of events across the day. Grace had a wonderful day out and is looking forward to competing again in the near future.

Devon Show 2016

Year 4 Fashion Show – Alternative Textiles

The Year 4 Art Club at Stanfield, have been involved in a new project, making textiles with a difference! Their aim was to use all recycled materials, such as bubble wrap, sweet wrappers, fabric and threads to design and make either a bag or a scarf.  The process involved making initial samples, designing a bag or scarf and working on sizing to suit. The girls explored the technique of bonding fibres together with an iron and using surface embroidery to enhance their final piece.

The girls enjoyed designing and creating their accessories and were given the opportunity to create a fashion show video, see below.



The finale involved a stunning fashion show in the school assembly.