Junior Boys

Jun Boys

Mrs J Thomas

Welcome to our website. Merchant Taylors' Junior Boys' School is an independent, day school for boys aged 7-11. Based in Crosby, Liverpool: it is one of the leading boys' schools in the North West. All the usual prospectus information is available here.

Merchant Taylors' Junior School is a happy, friendly academic environment where each pupil is encouraged to recognise and achieve his potential both individually and as part of a team.

In the Junior School, boys follow the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2. Great attention is paid to ensuring proficiency in the basic subjects and skills, without which progress at a later stage is jeopardised. We also place great emphasis on developing a positive approach to work, combined with a habit of independent study and an appropriate amount of homework is set from the start. In many subjects, boys will be stretched beyond the limits of the National Curriculum and they will also be exposed to a wide range of sports and other extra-curricular activities. All boys have the opportunity of learning an orchestral instrument and taking part in dramatic and musical productions.

There is a full range of sporting fixtures against other schools and the Junior School has an outstanding record of success both regionally and nationally. In addition, there are field trips and educational holidays, both at home and abroad. 

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The Schools have a robust child protection policy.  A copy is available upon request.