_TMC68972DSCF1653Art is an important part of school life and encourages creativity and personal expression. The children actively participate in the timetable lessons and are able to come to extra art sessions on Wednesday lunchtime as and when they want. The children are introduced to a range of artists, styles and materials and are taught various techniques as well as being encouraged to discover and experiment themselves. The clay is always very popular! The boys have sketchbooks to collect materials and to practise ideas ready for display work; they make a good record of progress and development. Please provide your son with some sort of protective apron, old ones from Stanfield are great, if it is your Dad’s shirt, please do something about the sleeves! I try my best to protect the school uniform and all materials used do say they are washable…

Mess can be impressive, but it is all part of the learning progress and, thankfully, we have a dedicated art room. The children are super at clearing up as well.
Seasonal competitions and activities are arranged and Resident Artists come and spend time with the children too, in order to enhance the curriculum and brighten up the school environment. Harvest Festival is approaching and any photos or art work on this topic would be appreciated for a display in the hall.
The children are delighted to see that their work goes on display and it helps to keep the school looking so vibrant.