Design and Technology

In September 2012 a revised whole school scheme was introduced. Each class has a double lesson of DT for half the year, with Art lessons for the other half.

The activities have been planned to enhance the way in which boys learn and to interest them. There are creative food activities such as J3s exploring making sandwiches and biscuits, and the J6s have a trip to Merchant Taylors’ Senior Girls’ School for a bread making session in their Home Economics classroom.

The core skills which are needed to produce mechanisms start in J3, with cutting tasks producing hats and musical instruments. These are developed further in J4 to produce pop-up cards, hinges and levers, to make puppets and a storybook with moving parts, which provides an opportunity to use their creative and design talents.

The older boys are introduced to more challenging materials and equipment, and as in J5 they make an electrical circuit to produce a buzzer game (just in time to go home for a noisy Christmas!), create moving toys, such as a fairground roundabout and toys with cam movements. The J6s make bridges, photograph frames and cars; for the latter they have to work out a way to power them.
All these activities take place in a DT room which is very well stocked with a large variety of materials and equipment. All the items in the room are clearly labelled, to encourage the boys to work independently and to tidy-up!