The boys LOVE our ICT facilities! Our purpose-built computer suite has 25 computers – more than enough for our classes! Our computers are regularly updated ensuring they have access to state-of-the-art software and hardware. Lessons are further enhanced by use of interactive whiteboards and multimedia projectors. Digital cameras are available for use by the boys for both still pictures and video work.
The boys will study a variety of topics in their lessons, ranging from graphics and word processing through to databases and computer programming. In year six the boys create their own intranet and produce a magazine which is sold to the whole school for charity. Our Scheme of Work is to be rewritten once national guidelines become available.
The boys are given their own space on the school’s network where their work is stored from day one until they leave at the end of their time at the senior school. They are also given the responsibility of a printing account, allowing them to manage the amount of printing produced within certain monetary restraints. This is updated on a weekly basis.
The boys are able to use the computers for one timetabled lesson per week, though classes often use the suite when it is available at other times.

All Pupils at the school are subject to an acceptable use policy, which governs the type of material viewed on the school’s network. This is closely monitored to ensure that unacceptable websites are not available to pupils and that their safety is not compromised. A copy of the school’s policy is available from the Junior School Secretary.