music JB

Music is a major part of our school life. The boys are encouraged to participate in their timetabled music lesson each week, where they cover a range of topics from singing to playing musical instruments, including recorders. The whole school take part in singing as part of our school assemblies and weekly hymn practice.

Our school is lucky to have a group of enthusiastic boys from Junior 5 and 6 who form the Junior School Choir. The choir sings at concerts, hosted by themselves, at various times in the school year. They also perform at local residential homes at Christmas time and, of course, the annual Merchant Taylors’ Carol Concert.
The boys in the Junior School are encouraged to play a musical instrument, taking advantage of the peripatetic teachers specialising in a wide range of instruments. Recorders are introduced in Junior 4 as a way of learning the rudiments of music. This is carried on into Junior 5 and beyond. We have a fantastic Brass Band which performs at various events during the year.

Music is a valuable subject, which encompasses a range of skills. It is an important discipline – one that is enjoyed by all of the boys in the school.