Sports – Games and PE

Winter – Our main winter sports are rugby, played on the school field, and swimming. We have enjoyed considerable success in both over the years regularly reaching regional and national finals.

The ruby teams play all over the North West for Blackpool to Shrewsbury and over the last couple of years have been NW Independent Schools’ Sevens and twelve-a-side champions. Boys learn rugby from the age of seven. Skills are developed with tag rugby initially, quickly moving on to the nine-a-side version of the game. Contact skills are gradually introduced and the boys can play for the school team at Under 9 level (Year 4).

Our strong extra curricular programme includes our swimming team who have been unbeaten for the last 12 years, and have reached the national finals each year for the same length of time.

In summer the boys play cricket and take part in athletics. We have ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams in cricket, meaning that as many boys as possible can represent the school, and net practices after school are hugely popular.