Independent Learning


In preparation for Senior School, it is vital that our boys are able to carry out research and process the information they obtain in order to further develop their knowledge and learning techniques.

We like to give the boys opportunities to enhance these important skills by completing mini projects within Geography. Our expectations of the study skills required will vary according to each year group.

You can support your child in his work by creating opportunities to access books in your local library and visiting relevant places of interest which will assist him with developing knowledge and learning techniques. While your enthusiasm and support are very important, the main aim of the initiative is for your son to develop independent study skills, so please ensure that the project only contains his work.

The internet is a great source of information but it is important that your son writes and presents the information he discovers in his own words and in his own style. Cutting and pasting information from websites is not acceptable. A paragraph in his own words showing he has understood the information he has researched is far more valuable than several pages copied from a website.

Your son is encouraged to add other interesting information and to make the project as interesting and informative as he can.

Follow the year links for a list of study skills required for your son’s year group.

Celebrating Achievement

At Merchant Taylor’s Boys’ Junior School our pupils have a distinct enthusiasm and eagerness to learn outside of the classroom and a desire to extend their knowledge further. Evidence of independent learning can be making or drawing something, a written piece of work or a short film;  it could be learning collaboratively with family members or friends such as visiting a museum or a trip to the local library. It could be about a school topic they are currently working on or a topic that simply interests them!

Currently the boys celebrate their achievements at our Tuesday assembly. This is an opportunity for pupils to share what they have researched or created. Pupils can also bring to school any achievements they have been awarded out of school, maybe at a local sports club, such as a certificate, medal or trophy. This year we are extending pupil achievements and inviting pupils to also talk about activities or experiences they have encountered recently. It could be walking up Snowdon, sheep shearing, feeding baby lambs – anything that they have never tried before!

Our aim is to highlight the importance and value of such extended learning and to promote the positive outcomes which enhance a pupil’s development. This promotes confidence from within, enabling pupils to carry out a presentation demonstrating a variety of skills.

We would very much appreciate your support in encouraging your son to participate in the weekly assembly and we look forward to hearing about an interesting array of activities and experiences. We do not wish this to be burdensome or competitive so please keep it very brief. We would however like everyone to have a go this year.