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February 2016

Currently Year 6 boys are learning about World War II. Mr Stanley, a teacher in the Senior School gave a presentation to the boys about Liverpool and the Blitz. The boys were fully engaged for the presentation and were able to demonstrate their own knowledge and understanding of World War II.

30th September

Junior Reporter Omar Ali has writen a weblog about his school day this week

Wednesday 30 September 2015

In year 6 Mr Wardle class we made a series circuit and a parallel circuit. Our group tried to make a series circuit but one bulb was brighter than the other, because it was such a long circuit the batteries power couldn’t go all around the circuit, because there was only one battery to power it. The parallel circuit made both bulbs light up at the same time and the same light.

Next we had Geography our topic was Water. We watched a video but there was no sound at all so some people tried to get the sound back they did but some of them accidently dragged out the wire which make the board turn off. Everyone went “ah” even the teacher!!! Then we tried t6o fix it but we didn’t succeed.


September 2015

It’s back to school with gusto for the Year 6 boys. It’s an important year for them – Entrance Exam is looming and there is a lot of work to be done.

They’ve all seemed to settle down with their new teachers – Mr Youngson (Y6Y), Mr Lyon (Y6L) and Mr Wardle (Y6W) – and our new boys feel as if they have been here forever. That’s always nice to hear.

Presently they are up in the Lake District on a three day residential trip. You can see what they have been up to by following the link here.


Year 6 - 2015

Year 6 Excel at ESB Exams

Many congratulations to the current Year 6 boys who, at the end of the Summer term, successfully completed their Grade 3 English Speaking Board (ESB) examination. They achieved some impressive results: a one hundred per cent pass rate with 76% in the top two grades. The examination required the boys to learn and recite a poem; read an extract from a book; prepare and present a presentation using powerpoints and props to enhance their delivery. The boys worked diligently to produce confident, articulate and knowledgeable presentations and we were extremely impressed with the support and encouragement they gave to each other throughout the examination. Well done, boys! The ESB examinations were introduced into school in 2014 and will continue to be an integral part of the Junior School curriculum. Mrs Bonfante and the Year 5 teachers ( Mr Benbow, Miss Fraser and Mrs Mellor)are all very proud of the boys’ achievements.

ESB Year 6 Boys