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Learning Support

Merchant Taylors’ School Stanfield has a full time specialist teacher whose role is dedicated to learning support. The learning support teacher is responsible for the management and provision of support for children with special educational needs. This includes children with particular learning needs e.g. those who are gifted and talented, children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia as well as children who just need a little extra support to facilitate their learning in a particular area.

This teacher is also experienced at using educational assessment to learn more about the individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching and make teaching and learning more effective.

Stanfield follows the code of practice for children with special educational needs and this provision was deemed to be ‘outstanding’ by the recent school inspection.

Children are given support throughout the school from reception to year six. Support takes a large variety of forms from specially designed individual lessons, small group work, support within the classroom, and specialist advice and support for the class teachers.
It is the schools aim to identify and meet the individual learning needs of the children from an early age so that they make good progress and experience success.