Senior School tuition fees for the academic year 2015 - 2016 are £3,578 per term.

The Junior Girls' and Junior Boys' Schools' fees are £2,675 per term.

The Infant School's fees are £2,648 per term


School Fees
Unless paid by Direct Debit, School fees are payable on or before the first day of each term. We offer two options for paying by Direct Debit, either one payment per term or three monthly payments per term. Full details are available from the Bursar's Office, Fees & Credit Controller, Mrs Deana Smith on 0151 949 9329.

Out of Hours Care
• Aftercare is £8 per session
• Breakfast Club is £5 per session.
• Unless otherwise requested, fees are billed termly and will be included on your School fee invoice.


School Assisted Place Scheme
Each year the Governors provide a limited number of Assisted Places at the Senior Schools to parents who could not otherwise afford full fees and whose children do exceptionally well in the 11+ Entrance Examination.  All applications for Assisted Places are subject to an in-depth financial assessment, which will include a compulsory home visit.  The Schools utilise the services of an independent company called Bursary Administration Limited who carry out this assessment on their behalf. For more information please contact Mrs Saffer for the Boys’ School 0151 949 9333 or Mrs Barrington for the Girls’ School 0151 932 2414.

Sibling Discounts
The Schools offers a sibling discount for children with a brother and/or sister already in the Schools. The discount applies to the tuition fee only and may be varied by the Schools at any time. The current sibling discount is 10% on a second and third child with the same Parents and a 20% discount on a fourth child and subsequent children with the same Parents. Sibling discount does not apply to overseas students. If any pupil(s) within the family is in receipt of any other form of financial assistance (excluding Harrison Scholarships) then that pupil(s) will not be included within the scope of the Sibling Discount. For pupils in receipt of Academic or Sports Scholarships, who also qualify for a Sibling Discount; such discount will be awarded at the Head's absolute discretion.


Lunch Fees
The lunch fees for Senior Schools and Junior Boys' are £183 per term for a 5 day week.

Stanfield lunch fees are £160 per term for a 5 day week.

Sixth Form students are permitted to leave the School premises during the course of the day providing they meet their commitments with respect to attendance, punctuality and set work, and also sign in and out at reception. As a result, a large number of Sixth Form students prefer to make their own arrangements for lunch rather than using the School dining room.    

For pupils entering Sixth Form in September who wish to make their own lunch arrangements, you must notify the Bursar's Office, Fees & Credit Controller by the 31 July. 

A charge for half a term's dinner fees will be available to those pupils in Year 11 and Upper Sixth forms, sitting external examinations in the Summer term. The charge for those in the Lower Sixth will be three quarters for the Summer term.


Accepting a place
When a place is accepted, a deposit of £300 is payable. This is deducted from the first term's tuition fees.