Admissions to Merchant Taylors'

The admissions procedures vary depending on the age group and whether or not the prospective pupil is intending to enter the school at one of the traditional entry points of 4+, 7+, 11+ or 16+. Admissions information is also different for overseas students.

For individual Schools' admissions policies please click on the below links or contact the relevant member of staff:

Prospectus 2015-16

Admissions Policy

Registration Forms

Mixed Infants and Junior Girls (Stanfield)

Senior and Junior Boys

Senior Girls

Sixth Form Boys

Sixth Form Girls

Overseas Admissions Policy  and Overseas Registration Form



Senior Boys (11-18) - Contact Mrs Saffer 0151 949 9333

Senior Girls (11-18) - Contact Mrs Barrington 0151 932 2414 

Junior Boys (7-11) - Contact Mrs Saffer 0151 949 9333 

Stanfield Primary School (4-11) - Contact Mrs Langham 0151 924 1506