Governors’ Details

Board of Governors

Mrs Beverley Bell (Chair)

Mr John Cartwright

Mr Charles Cowling

Mrs Kathy Crewe-Read

Mr David Evans

Dr Jenny Fox

Miss Anna Gervasoni

Mrs Lesley Martin-Wright

Mr Steve Wilkinson

Mr Clive Williams

Mr David Yip

Committee Membership:

Appeals & Fundraising: Lesley Martin-Wright (Chair), Anna Gervasoni, Charles Cowling (plus Heads and Michaela Riches and Fundraising Manager)

Finance: Clive Williams (Chair), Beverley Bell, David Evans, Steve Wilkinson, David Yip (plus Heads, DFO and David Norton)

Estates: Steve Wilkinson (Acting Chair), David Evans, Charles Cowling (plus Heads, DFO and Andrew Beattie)

Education: Jenny Fox (Chair), Kathy Crewe-Read (plus Heads, one Deputy Head per school and DFO)

Marketing Communications & Admissions: Lesley Martin-Wright (Chair), Anna Gervasoni, David Yip (plus Heads and Michaela Riches)

Nominations: Beverley Bell, Jenny Fox, Kathy Crewe Read

Safeguarding: Jenny Fox (Chair and Governor responsible for Safeguarding) (plus Heads and DSLs)

IT: John Cartwright (Chair), David Yip (plus Heads, DFO and Nigel Price)

Junior Schools Governor: Steve Wilkinson

NQT Induction Governor: David Yip

H&S Governor: David Evans