GCSE Results Press Release

Press Release

Boys' and girls' GCSE results were a mirror of each other at Merchant Taylors' Schools. Results at both the Boys' and Girls' Schools, which are a mile apart along the Liverpool Road, saw nearly 60% A*A grades with a 98% A*-C pass rate.

Senior teachers were particularly delighted with the exceptional showing in the traditional core academic subjects.

It all added up for Merchants' Boys who recorded a 100% pass rate in Mathematics with 65% at A*A grades. All 26 boys who took Maths one year early also gained the top grades.

Vamsee Beemireddy was the star performer recording a clean sweep of 11 A* grades. Vamsee will now be studying Maths, Economics, Physics and Chemistry and hopes to go on to study Engineering. While James McDonald and Robert Dietz each gained 9 A* grades. 18% of this year's Yr 11 at the boys' school gained all A* A grades.

At Merchants' Girls there were even stronger performances in Biology and Chemistry which both enjoyed an astonishing 90% A*A results. Languages results also spoke highly of the School's reputation. French had an 86% A* A rating and Spanish 77%.

A trio of girls aced this summer's examinations, receiving at least 9 A* grades. Steffi Clarke received a clean sweep of 9 A*s, Rachel Atcheson gained 10 of the top grade as well as an additional A. Finally Deepti Nishith topped the class receiving a colossal 10.5 A*s.

Headmistress Louise Robinson said: "It is another set of strong results with outstanding grades in the traditional, more demanding academic subjects, showing that Merchants' Girls continues to prepare its pupils for the challenges of A Level and beyond."

Merchants' Boys' Headmaster David Cook said: "We are particularly pleased with the success of our outstanding mathematicians. By choosing to take the subject a year early many boys are able to take AS Maths in Year 11 and Further Maths at A Level, giving them a head start in their university careers."

Mr Cook added: "Our boys continue to perform superbly in the core subjects with all pupils taking at least two sciences and a modern foreign language assuring the academic rigour and breadth which the very best universities demand."

Mrs Robinson continued: "Long gone are the days when the Boys' and Girls' Schools competed to see who got the best academic results. Just like a family we want every member to do as well as possible and get the very best start in life."

GCSE Results 2009

GCSE Results 2009

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