Memories of MTGS in the 1930s


Those were the days

Memories of MTGS in the 1930s

For my 90th birthday present my son and daughter brought me "home" to Liverpool and Crosby, my hometown. As a surprise, Sally had organised a visit to my old school! I was overwhelmed - the last time I was in school was the day I left in 1939! What a change - all the new buildings and the beautiful new entrance. David took many photos around school and I was shown old photos from the archives and admissions records of girls in my year, Doris Jones and Dorothy Meredith, who have sadly passed away, Dorrie Litherland, Margaret Riley, Jean Kerrigan and Rosemary Mann.

I remember keeping silkworms in a shoebox and we fed them on leaves from the Mulberry Tree. I wonder what became of them.

I recall a trick we played on our Latin Mistress. Before she arrived for our lesson we all crammed into the Birch Room (which was off our classroom) and when Miss Chadwick arrived, we all fell out, amid much laughter. She was FURIOUS!

Ah Yes! Miss Fordham, our Headmistress, had a strict rule that we must not fraternise with the pupils from the Boys' School! My friend, however, used to meet one of the boys at the back of the Green and I kept look-out! They would have had the wrath of Miss Fordham had they been caught! Exciting days?

We played netball at school but cycled up Moor Lane to the playing fields for hockey and cricket.

I do hope those of you who remember me and our days at MTGS have enjoyed my tales gone by. We were privileged to attend Merchant Taylors' and we were definitely "ed-oo-cated"!

Sheila Brewer (nee Skinner) 1927-39

Wendy Brewer - top of the Bousefield staircase