Zoe’s Place

The School Council planned a Fair to raise money for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in West Derby. Michael Anderson from the hospice came into school to tell the children all about the wonderful work the hospice does for very young children and their families.

We raised over £2,000 from the fair and we were invited to visit Zoe’s Place to present the cheque to them. The council were thrilled.

On Friday 23rd March all but 2 of the councillors and Miss Crichton and Mrs Lymath set off with the cheque. Zoe’s Place surprised them all. It is a bright and happy place that very much looks like a nursery. We met 3 beautiful babies, Sophie, Joseph and Ava along with 3 wonderful nurses.

They felt very lucky to look around and see the light room and the pool, they learnt how and why they are used. They were also the 1st visitors to see the brand new cots that had arrived the day before. The girls were shocked at how much they cost to buy and it put into perspective how much Zoe’s Place needs to stay open and to provide the best possible care for their special babies.

They really enjoyed their visit and came away determined to continue raising money. So much so that Mrs Lymath and Miss Crichton signed up to do the Moonlight Walk on 19th May. They will be garnering support amongst family, friends and colleagues.