At Stanfield we pride ourselves in the quality of artwork that our children produce.
We foster an appreciation of the subject by introducing pupils to creative and stimulating experiences which develop their aesthetic awareness and enquiring minds.

By developing children’s understanding of colour, form, texture, pattern and their ability to use materials and processes to communicate ideas, feelings and meanings, they can better explore ideas and meanings in the work of artists, craft people and designers. We help them learn about different roles and about the function of art, craft and design in their own lives and in different times and cultures and encourage them to learn how to make thoughtful judgements and aesthetic and practical decisions concerning their work.

At Key stage 1, the children are encouraged to explore the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes and will begin to understand and use colour, shape, pattern and texture to represent their own ideas and feelings.
They will also focus on the work of artists, crafts people and designers and will learn by asking and answering questions like; ‘What is it like?’ ‘What is it made from?’ ‘What do I think and feel about it?’
At Key stage 2, the children will have the opportunity to improve their control of materials, tools and techniques and become more confident in using visual and tactile elements, materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.
Art & design also allows children to increase their critical awareness of the roles and purpose of art in different times and cultures and at all levels, links are made across the curriculum, especially, English, Mathematics, ICT, History, Geography and Design and Technology