We are fortunate to have an extremely well equipped ICT Suite. It encompasses 24 PCs, an interactive whiteboard and Data Projector, DVD Player, Video and 6 digital cameras.

The younger children also enjoy using one of the 3 Tuff cams available to them for snapping stills and movies. The robust design of the camera with the easy-to-understand buttons makes it perfect for small hands.

There is also a PC in each classroom and 8 laptops for use by year 6. All PCs are connected to the Internet and network. The School’s Internet access is safeguarded by a leading software filter.

We combine Industry Standard Software such as the Microsoft Office Suite with specialised subject specific software.
Each class has a weekly ICT lesson with the ICT teacher. Reception and Year 1 are taught in small groups to provide focused attention at the beginning of their ICT studies. In reception they are taught how to manipulate the mouse and use the keyboard. They quickly become proficient at this and enjoy using a primary graphics package to produce pictures.

The year 6 girls enjoy making and presenting a multimedia presentation, they design web pages to make a class website and will be able to structure a spreadsheet for a given purpose e.g. budget.