Infant PE

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Here at Stanfield we keep our infants extremely busy! We take the general fitness of the children seriously and throughout the year a proportion of every lesson is devoted to general fitness -well disguised in the form of vigorous running and chasing games.
During the winter months all the children (even the 4 year olds!) learn Hockey and Netball as well as doing gym and apparatus. In Spring this changes to Tennis and Athletics.

Throughout the year the children take part in games to promote hand/eye coordination using a variety of specialised equipment. This gives the children the foundation they need for games they will take up in the junior and senior schools.
Infant sports day is always eagerly awaited, and provides competitive races, both team and individual. It also gives the opportunity for every child to take part in demonstrations of hockey; tennis and netball giving parents an insight into the activities the children have taken part in over the school year and a chance for their children to show their individual achievements.