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At Stanfield, learning a modern foreign language is seen as an important part of the children’s learning, from an early age.
All pupils in year one and two now have a weekly Spanish lesson with our specialist language teacher. These lessons enable the children to develop confidence in speaking the target language early on, as well as building a love of modern foreign languages that will stay with them. The children learn through a wide range of fun games, songs, rhymes, DVD’s and the interactive whiteboard.

This year, we have introduced a new fun lunch-time club for year 4 pupils to learn Spanish. So far, this has been very popular and it is hoped this will extend to year 3 pupils in the future, who have begun their experience of Spanish within the infants.
Once in the juniors, all classes have weekly timetabled lessons in French, and in year 6, the girls are also taught a second language, either Spanish or German, before moving on to the main school. The junior lessons are, as with the infant lessons, fun and stimulating, using a wide range of teaching methods to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In addition, the girls are able to use the ICT suite to practice their skills independently, take part in a French fashion show, a food tasting session and visit MTGS to see their annual French play!
At the end of each year, the pupils are presented with graded certificates to show the level they have reached in each of the four skill areas. This gives them a great sense of achievement, when learning a new language can seem so daunting and never-ending!