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At Stanfield we attach great importance to Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship and its place in the day to day life of the school, as well as in the curriculum.

PSHE and C contributes to all aspects of the school curriculum, by helping give pupils the skills, knowledge and understanding to lead confident, healthy independent lives and to be informed, active and responsible citizens.

A minimum of thirty minutes a week is allocated in the timetable to the specific teaching of PSHE and C. However, in addition, opportunities to teach PSHE and C are taken throughout the school day, in areas such as:
other subjects in the curriculum,
whole school and department assemblies,
conduct and interaction on the playground and
the role of the school council [e.g fundraising for local, national and international charities.
In close liaison with Parents and Governors the School Nurse is closely involved in teaching the older girls about puberty as part of the Sex and Relationships Policy in PSHE lessons.