The Schools’ Mission and Aims

The Schools’ Mission and Aims

Founding motto: Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt – Small things grow in harmony

Merchant Taylors’ Schools’ strapline: The Best Education for Life

Our Mission is:  ‘The rigorous pursuit of excellence, within and outside the classroom, combined with a passionate concern for each individual.’

We aim to achieve this by:

a) Encouraging the growth of intellectual curiosity, creativity and independent learning whilst also focussing on examination preparation and success.

b) Recruiting and retaining high quality teaching staff, committed to continual professional development, who have expertise and high expectations of all pupils, who enjoy teaching and learning and who enable pupils to fulfil their academic potential.

c) Providing outstanding pastoral care and ensuring relationships and behaviour within the school are based on mutual respect within a supportive and safe environment.

d) Encouraging the development in each pupil of confidence and compassion, leadership and a concern for others, combined with the growth of resilience and good physical and mental health.

e) Offering excellent facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities which enable pupils to participate and to experience competition and collaboration, and which develop character and confidence as well as the enjoyment of artistic, cultural, intellectual and sporting interests.

f) Preparing pupils for life beyond school through an understanding of higher education and career opportunities, a development of collaborative and leadership skills, an understanding of core British values balanced by an appreciation of the diversity of the world and a sense of service and responsibility to the wider community.

g) Working in partnership with the Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School, with parents and Alumni and the local community, for mutual benefit and support.