Head of Department: Mrs H Irwin
Specification: AQA

Business investigates the nature of organisations and how they manage their activities. These organisations can include small private firms and large public companies together with non-profit making concerns. The principles of management and decision making are examined and then applied to case studies. These case studies demonstrate the way in which organisations face a number of inter-related problems.

The Business specification offered by AQA has been designed to provide students with a critical understanding of the internal functions of contemporary business organisations of all types together and the dynamic external environment within which businesses operate. Business may be studied to both AS and A2 level. The specification has been split into three units covering topics such as how established businesses might improve their effectiveness by making tactical decisions at a functional level. The main functional areas covered include; Finance, People in Business, Operations Management, Marketing and the Competitive Environment. The specification will enable students to gain a thorough grounding of what really matters in modern businesses and students are introduced to the challenges and issues involved in a business such as research and planning, as well as the factors that determine success. You will look at a range of moral and ethical issues and learn how to put your point of view across fluently.

The specification requires no previous knowledge of Business at GCSE level.

Business help to develop skills such as;

  • Interpreting data
  • Developing an analytical argument
  •  Making judgements based on available evidence.

These skills will help you in your other A level subjects and at university. At the end of the course, students should have a good understanding of the skills needed for successful business management and will be familiar with problem solving techniques. This should enable you to understand the issues which are of current interest and importance to businesses in Britain. A level Business gives a useful insight into the nature of management and can stimulate higher education study in related fields of Business Management and Economics. It can be linked with another subject to provide a wide range of alternatives, for example, Marketing combined with a modern foreign language.