About Us



‘Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt’
Small things grow in harmony

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School is an independent, day school for girls aged 11-18. Based in Crosby, Liverpool: it is one of the leading girls’ schools in the North West.

When you visit Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School you will feel the extraordinary warmth which comes from the good relationships that dedicated staff and motivated girls have with each other. We are a single-sex environment which encourages girls to express themselves, to seek help when they need it, to practise leadership roles and to reach for the top. Our achievements in external examinations indicate the highest academic standards, and we give our girls the encouragement they need to develop essential life skills: independent learning, teamwork, determination, flexibility and problem solving.

We strive to balance tried and tested principles with current trends in educational thinking. Marrying the needs of tomorrow’s workplace with today’s educational provision creates a school ready and able to embrace the changes of a technological, global village – and helping our girls find their successful place in it.