Boys’ Celebrate Excellent Inspection

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Merchant Taylors’ Senior and Junior Boys’ are celebrating an outstanding Inspection Report after the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) praised the School as being ‘Excellent’ in the key categories of Pastoral Care, Pupils’ Personal Development, Curricular and extra-curricular Provision, Safeguarding, Governance, Leadership and Management.

Below are some of the direct quotes from the Report.  Click to read the full Report and the Headmaster’s letter.

Report Quotes – March 2016

Academic Excellence:

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic, pupils respond well to academic rigour.
  • The academic curriculum has been enhanced since 2010 and is now excellent.
  • Pupils benefit from much specialist subject teaching.
  • The inspection endorsed the school’s aim to ‘enable pupils to reach the highest possible levels of personal achievement and academic attainment, inside and outside the classroom’.
  • Expertise in mathematics and physics is demonstrated by pupil’s success in National Challenge events.
  • Pupils throughout the school have a very positive attitude to learning.
  • The post-16 curriculum offers pupils an excellent range of subjects.

Extra Curricular:

  • Extra-curricular opportunities are excellent.
  • The breadth of the extra-curricular and enrichment offering is also a strength of the school.
  • The school successfully encourages all pupils to take part in the wide selection of cultural and sporting activities. Pupils value these opportunities not just in terms of enjoyment, but also in the chances they provide to represent the school, and to take on leadership and management roles.
  • There are over 200 music lessons per week.
  • The ethos of the CCF develops integrity, loyalty and respect for others.
  • The ability to be self-reflective and ambitious is something that runs as a constant throughout a pupil’s time at school with a view to developing skills of integrity, compassion and resilience.


  • The personal development of pupils is excellent.
  • They are self-confident without a hint of arrogance.
  • They have a purposeful strength of what they want to do next and are ready to meet the challenges of adult life.
  • Pupils benefit from excellent systems of pastoral support, including careers guidance.
  • A welcoming and friendly community. Pupils are courteous and kind and show respect for those who teach or care for them.
  • Pupils’ self-discipline and calm purpose are evident through excellent behaviour both in class and as they make their way around the school.


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