Career Profiles

Daniel Jamson (2009 Leaver) – Working in Maritime Rescue

Working in Maritime Rescue Inside the MRCC co-ordinating an incident Since joining the Coastguard some 5 years ago now, whilst still at University in Aberystwyth, my time in the service, if nothing else has been varied. I am a Coastguard Rescue Officer at the Liverpool and Crosby Team. This covers an area from Ainsdale all […]

Gareth Mawdsley (1997 Leaver) – A Career in the Royal Navy

Lt Cdr Gareth Mawdsley RN (MTBS 1990-97) I joined the Royal Navy 17 years ago, straight from school, and conducted basic training at Britannia Royal Naval College and in a variety of warships around the world.  After passing my Fleet Board, I went on to read Geography at Cambridge, whilst being paid as a University […]

Rachael Hertogs nee O’Neill (1990 Leaver) – Running My Own Business

My Business- Moon Times by Rachael Hertogs I left Merchant Taylors in 1988 straight after my GCSE’s, I’d had enough of school and was eager to get out in to the real world! Well it turned out the ‘real world’ was tougher than I imagined; I had a go at a few jobs and left […]

Jack Johnson (2003 Leaver) – The Digital Frontier

The Digital Frontier – Hard Work Pays Off.   After leaving Merchants shortly after my GCSEs (in 2003) I finished off my studies at Lancaster Grammar before attending Lancaster University, where I graduated in 2008 in Geography. After working for a couple of recruitment businesses I founded Blu Digital Recruitment ( in 2013. There are […]

Seb Davey (1995 Leaver) – Flies High In His Career!

I joined the Armed Forces in 1999 after my time at Merchant Taylors’ School Crosby. I enrolled in the Royal Air Force as a pilot following my degree course in Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of Southampton. During my career, I have flown 3500 hours so far and completed numerous tours of duty in […]

Fiona Glenn (2002 Leaver) – Understanding and Meaning: A Journey to Clinical Psychology

Understanding and Meaning: A Journey to Clinical Psychology I’ve always been driven to understand people and situations better. While at Merchants I volunteered with the school’s Listening Service and the Stroke Association – these gave me the opportunity to use my curiosity about others to support people. I loved Biology with Mrs Fairburn, and Politics […]

Simon McFarlane (2000 Leaver) – Planning, A Great Career….

I left Merchant Taylors’ in 2000 achieving 10 GCSE’s and 4 A levels in Economics, Geography, Design, and General Studies. I also gained a good grounding in many extracurricular sporting and cultural activities, CCF and playing rugby being the highlights. The school provided me with an excellent all around confidence for the world ahead of […]

Matthew Atkinson (2002 Leaver) – A Career in Business Psychology

I began my career by analysing football statistics for The Times newspaper’s Fink Tank column. After I graduated from Cambridge in 2005, I was keen to use my passion for Experimental Psychology (the subject in which I specialised) in my career. Psychological football research was a good short-term option. After 6 months, I was craving […]

Rosie Pili nee Webster (1979 Leaver) – A Career in Sports Management

A Career in Sports Management During my years at MTGS, I loved sport, especially tennis and skiing. I never imagined, however, that after a decade in hospitality, I would end up working in International Sport. I joined the Headquarters of Athletics – the IAAF ( based in Monte Carlo in 1994. For those considering Sport […]

Cara Henderson (2003 Leaver) – A Career in Property Management

Old Girl Cara Henderson has beaten off fierce competition to win Best Student in the National Women in Property Awards. Cara has completed 2 years of a Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management degree at the University of Central Lancashire which will lead to her charter with RICS and is currently on an industrial placement year […]