Career Profiles

Kevin (1999 Leaver) & Jonathan (2002 Leaver) Durkin – Brothers in Law

“Brothers in Law” Kevin Durkin started at MTS in 1992 and was swiftly followed by his younger brother Jonathan in 1998. They left in 1999 and 2002 respectively and went on to graduate from John Moores University with an LLB in Law, before progressing to post-graduate diplomas in Legal Practice from the College of Law, […]

Guy Unsworth (2005 Leaver) – Theatre Director

Old Boy and Director Guy Unsworth (1998-2005), has won ‘Best New Musical’ with his show Fresher The Musical at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year. The show won the award at the Musical Theatre Matters/What’s On Stage awards. The hilarious musical, which ran for 24 performances, charts the arrival of Baz, Ally, Tuc, Rupert and […]

Laura Whyte nee Brown (1977 Leaver) – John Lewis – A better place to work

John Lewis – “A better place to work” The great thing about retail is that we never stand still, so no two days are the same, especially in a co-owned business such as John Lewis. Recently I have been in India supporting the business expansion plans, I have also been driven at speed by a […]

Sharon Turnbull (1976 Leaver) – Learning to Lead starts at school

Learning to Lead starts at School by Professor Sharon Turnbull (1970-76) Writing this article has cast me back many years to the exciting seventies when I was at MTGS. In my memories I am often in the old library where I first found my passion for books, or sitting in the front row of the […]

Christine Liu (2001 Leaver) – Freelance Broadcast Journalist

Christine Liu (2000 Leaver) – Freelance Broadcast Journalist, Sky News, London     It was actually a careers questionnaire that I filled out at MTGS which helped me realise I wanted to get into journalism. After a disappointing work placement at a PR company, I arranged my own work experience at the BBC. They advised […]

Damien Cullington (1997 Leaver) – A Career in Cardiology

Damien Cullington   I was always interested in the sciences and it was natural to choose medicine as my lifelong career.  Despite a love of dance music, and a first ever live DJ gig in the Williams Hall at MTBS in 1996, the DJ career never went global!  After graduating from the University of Liverpool […]

Tim Roberts (1975 Leaver) – A Trailblazing Career in Communications

Tim Roberts (1975 Leaver) – Managing Director, Good Measures Limited With Tim’s background in ecology, he has successfully managed to combine a strong scientific and environmental understanding with those of a seasoned management consultant operating internationally. Tim has spent over 29 years communicating employee initiatives in the UK and further afield, including 17 years as […]

Philip Ingham (1973 Leaver) – Professor of Developmental Biology

  Old Boy Philip Ingham (1973 Leaver) made a spontaneous visit to his Old School recently as part of a visit to the UK from his home in Singapore. It was the first time that Philip had been back to Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School in many years. Philip is Lee Kong Chan School of Medicine’s Vice-Dean for Research, […]

Charlie Byrne (2006 Leaver) – Fashion Writer for The Times

I remember reading articles written by alumni when I was still a pupil at Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School. The smiles of successful doctors, lawyers and vets beamed out from the pages of the school magazine. Their careers were impressive, but they weren’t pathways I aspired to. I hated (and I mean absolutely despised with a vehement passion) every […]

Vidhi Taylor-Jones 1997 Leaver – A Consultant Anaesthetist

Medicine Presentation – ‘You can have it all’ Dr Vidhi Taylor-Jones (MTGS 1990-97) Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School were delighted to have former student Dr Vidhi Taylor-Jones deliver a presentation to Year 11 and L6 girls about medicine. Vidhi is passionate about girls having careers in medicine and she dispelled any myths about what a career […]