Old Boys ‘In Memoriam’

David ‘Dave’ Tootill – In Memoriam

Chris Delaney writes: Dave was one of those annoying chaps who was good at everything without seeming to try very hard. Dave attended MTS Crosby from 1956 to 63. He then went to St John’s College, Oxford (1963 to 66) where he obtained an MA in Classics.  After graduation, he worked for a number of […]

Bryan Christopher Corrigan – In Memoriam

Died peacefully, aged 84 – 8th February 2017 Born in Great Crosby on August 19th 1932, Bryan was the son of James Christopher Corrigan and his wife Daphne Hilda Corrigan. He attended MTS from 1942 – 50, along with older brother Sydney (1938 – 47) and unfortunately lost his father during the Second World War […]

Frank D Cole – In Memoriam

Written by Frank D. Cole                                                                               29th of December, 2015 Never a dull moment!  In 1932, aged 11, I was elevated from the Litherland Council School to MTS and so came the first great change in my life. Five years later in 1937, I emerged to seek work and so lighten the financial burden on my […]

John Kemsley Smallcombe – In Memoriam

JOHN KEMSLEY SMALLCOMBE (JKS) Assistant Master MTBS 1963-1988 Having been appointed to teach geography and to take responsibility for careers, John and his wife, Barbara, moved from the south of England to 54 Coronation Drive, Crosby in the summer of 1963.  For the next five decades JKS was to become a familiar figure in the […]

Lee Newhall – The Tenacious Hero, In Memoriam

31/05/1991 – 5/09/2016. MTS 2009 leaver I distinctly remember Lee & I being shown around the amazing building that was, and still is, Merchant Taylors’ thinking “what a dream” – then being overcome with a sense of home. Sure enough Lee was successful in securing himself a place here. However, during the summer holidays, he […]

Jeremy Le Poidevin

Born August 16th 1954 – Died November 13th 2016, age 62 MTBS 1980 – 1986 Although his tenure at MTBS was relatively short, “J Le P” is well and fondly remembered by colleagues and pupils alike as an inspiring and dedicated English teacher, hockey coach and producer of some outstanding school plays.  In the words […]

Phil Clift (aka Sayer)  1970 leaver – In Memoriam

Died 14 April 2016 From very humble beginnings, Phil became a legend in his lifetime through his work in media and voiceover projects.  Born in a bedsit in Norwich to a mother who’d already given away her first baby, his wonderful mind earned him a scholarship to board at Merchant Taylors’, where he was quickly […]

Francis Alexander (Frank) Noble (1925-1932)

Deceased 01/07/2016 Francis Alexander Noble, or Frank as he much preferred to be called, was born on July 7th 1916 at the beginning of the Battle of The Somme.  His parents lived in Formby and he retained his links to this neighbourhood all his life. He attended Formby College and then Crosby Preparatory School entering […]

Donald Peter Iddon – 1965-1974 In Memoriam

Deceased 21st June 2016 Lists of names on the Honours’ Boards are a focal point for visitors to the Boys’ School as this helps to refresh memories of team and class mates.  On the Heads of School Board is the name of Donald Peter Iddon, who preferred to be called Peter.  During his time as […]

Alastair Hall Swayn 1944–2016

Alastair Swayn, who died on 4 August 2016 of brain cancer, left his distinctive mark on Australia’s national capital, Canberra, through his many striking and innovative public and private buildings designed in his role as director of Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Architects.  As the inaugural Australian Capital Territory Government Architect, Alastair ensured that design and […]