Old Boys ‘In Memoriam’

Gordon Glasgow Looks Back (Leaver 1944)

When Doreen Iddon, the Schools’ Development Officer, heard that, at the age of 87, I had been awarded a Ph.D. in History at the University of Cambridge, she suggested that I wrote an article for Merchants’ Tales explaining how and why, in retirement, I came to be awarded that degree and my experiences when undertaking […]

Reverend Bruce Kenrick (1920 – 2007) In Memoriam

Clergyman and Housing Campaigner Merchant Taylors School 1929 – 36 Rev Bruce Kenrick, founder of the Charity, Shelter, was born in Aintree in 1920 and was educated at Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School. He was studying accountancy, expecting to join the family firm, when the Second World War broke out and he served as a stretcher […]

Glyn Humphreys (1973 Leaver) In Memoriam

Old Crosbeian, Glyn Humphreys, distinguished neuropsychologist and Head of the Department of Psychology at Oxford University died suddenly in January this year, just weeks after celebrating his 61st birthday. A world expert in visual cognition, Glyn’s life’s work has had a major impact not only on our understanding of perception and cognition but also on […]

Mike Matthews – Old Boy (1953-1957)

Michael (Mike) Matthews – A Tribute I tried to make this light hearted and witty (that’s what dad was like, a quirky sense of humour) but I’m not sure that I‘ve quite managed that!! Many people have told me they thought he was a lovely, cheeky, gentleman and they would be absolutely right.  Rarely, would someone walk […]