Old Girls’ General News

OGA Summer Luncheon 2017

Saturday, 24th June, saw the annual OGA Summer Luncheon as our Old Girls returned to MTGS for the chief social event of their calendar. Over 60 Old Girls, current pupils and staff attended the Luncheon, which will unfortunately be Louise Robinson’s last as Headmistress following her decision to leave the School this coming Spring. Guests […]

Chair of Governors awarded CBE

The Schools were delighted to receive news that the Chair of the Governors, Beverley Bell, has been awarded a CBE for her services to Road Safety and the Freight Industry. Beverley is an Old Girl of MTS (1971 – 1978) and has served as the Chair of the Governors since July 2016. Her award comes […]

MTGS Welcomes Back Recent Leavers for Returnees Day

The Girls’ School was pleased to welcome back recent leavers for its annual Returnees Day. Returnees Day is an important date in the School calendar and serves a dual purpose. It allows recent leavers to return to the School following their first year of University and share their experiences with staff and friends, but also […]

OBA Cambridge Dinner 2017

With faint whiff of final exams looming over the University, thirty Old Crosbeians and their guests gathered in the Upper Hall of Peterhouse. Our number included those from East Anglia plus some who had extricated themselves from the demands of London to meet with school friends and a contingent from Merseyside, including our newly induced […]

Old Crosbeians Wessex Lunch 2017

Two Bank Holiday weekends left just two other Saturdays in May’s calendar this year. The usual competitive bids from family occasions and holidays for those two dates meant that recruiting attendees for this year’s Wessex Luncheon proved to be rather more difficult than usual. Fortunately it all worked out very well in the end with […]

Liverpool City Drinks 2017

This year’s annual Liverpool City Drinks took place at the historic Racquet Club Hotel in Chapel Street.  Over 60 former pupils (of all ages), former staff, parents as well as current school staff attended throughout the evening.  The event was organised by the Schools’ Alumni Relations department and sponsored by the Old Girls’ Association.  It was great […]

London City Drinks 2016

10th November 2016 On a crisp autumn evening, over 120 people called in at this year’s London City Drinks event held at The Merchant Taylors’ Company Hall.  For some, it has become a regular, informal meeting point with school friends, for others it was a first visit and a chance to not only appreciate the […]

Faye Cook 2008 Leaver

Congratulations to former student Faye Cook who has gained her Masters Degree from Liverpool University in Modern Languages (Hispanic). Faye is now going on to do a PhD.

However did we manage without the internet? Catriona Smith (née Carmichael)

…and where idle googling can lead you…be careful!  Like many of you, I received an email in February or early March about the weekly archive items which would be featured on the Merchant Taylors’ Schools website from 2016 to 2020 to mark the 400th anniversary of the school. I actually ignored it until one day […]

Helen Releases First EP as ‘Gazelle’

Since leaving MTGS in 2010, Helen Gaskell has embraced her creativity, turning her attention to music in pursuit of a dream career. Helen sang and played piano throughout school, having been captivated by jazz from an early age. On leaving Merchants however, she went on to study Chemistry at Newcastle University. During an exchange year […]