Dr Ruth Kennedy 1956 – 2017 In Memoriam

DOB 23.12.56 – Died 24.4.2017. Pupil at MTGS 1968-75

Ruth was one of the girls who came to school on the bus from Ormskirk.

She was and remained great friends with Sara and Alison Beazley who travelled on the bus too. They tell me that Ruth was a very popular girl and I am not surprised. She loved sports, and the theatricals which provided an opportunity to meet the students from the boy’s school. She was a Harrison scholar and was elected Head Girl in 1974-5. Alison still has the speech she made at speech day. I am told she was very nervous about mispronouncing the guest speaker’s name who was Mr Oliver Van Oss.

She then went to Liverpool University to study medicine. She frequently attended the student reunions in Liverpool.

Once qualified, she moved to Sheffield to become a GP.  She spent some time practicing in rural Canada but returned to Sheffield. She remained there for 30 years in the same practice which was in a deprived area of that city. She became a partner.

Ruth was a compassionate and caring doctor and had a devoted following in the community which she served. It is a testament to her care that so many of her patients attended her funeral. She was also a GP trainer for most of her career.

She always had a great sense of fun and was very fond of the great outdoors, so it was no surprise when she became a Guide leader in her local pack at Dore.

She met her husband Mike [an engineer] through their love of walking and climbing and they married in January 1989. She and her brother Nick were extremely close and her nephews,  Peter [former MTBS pupil] and Tim loved her dearly.

In February 2016, Ruth retired and soon afterwards, so did Mike. They had planned a carefree retirement exploring Scotland and beyond in their new camper van. However, very soon, it became apparent that Ruth was unwell and in August 2016, she was diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal brain tumour. There was no hope of a cure so she declined any treatment.

Mike cared for her at home with love and devotion.

She always appeared cheerful but she must have felt that what was happening to her was very unfair as she had always led such a healthy lifestyle.

She died at home from a brain tumour on 24.2.17. She had just enjoyed a jolly lunch with Mike, her brother Nick, me [her sister in law] and Peter. She had seen her dear friend Sarah Beazley that very morning, and was in company with her former partner in the practice when she unexpectedly collapsed and died.

Her funeral was attended by so many people that the crematorium was overflowing, which demonstrates the love that those knew her had for her.

She brought joy to everyone who knew her and she will be very much missed and mourned.

Written by Heather Kennedy [sister in law]