‘Fame!’ – A Joint School Production

You are warmly invited to the Merchant Taylors’ School production of ‘Fame’, running from 28th November – 1st December 2018.

Dr Gill and Mr Holroyd directed ‘Fame’ in 2002; they are revisiting the experience in November this year but this time, with the assistance of Louise Edge, the choreographer. Rehearsals are going well and the cast of 28 are working very hard.

The show presents fame in two opposite ways: as an inspirational dream for characters like Nick (played by Cameron Avann) and Serena (Angelina Bennett), and as a dangerously intoxicating demon which tempts characters like Carmen (Charlotte Hulme) into over-reaching themselves. Other characters such as Tyrone Jackson (Daniel Naguib) face different hurdles such as learning difficulties. The show is  dominated by powerful dancing and singing as well as humour and we hope it will be a sell-out as in 2002!

Tickets are available from Pritchard’s Bookshop, the School or you can purchase them online by clicking here.