GCSE Music Showcase


Before we left school last term, some of our GCSE music pupils recorded pieces of work for submission. These pieces are the culmination of months of careful preparation and we are delighted to showcase them.

Please take the time to listen to these fabulous performances below. Our Showcase includes a variety of different performances that we’re sure you’ll love. Thank you to all of our performers for taking the time to perform and share your beautiful music.

During difficult times, music provides joy and comfort. Even while we are apart, let’s keep making music and sharing it with each other!


Jimi Boswell





Composition One

Composition Two

Performance (Electric Guitar)


Ethan Horspool

Performance (Clarinet)

Performance (Piano)

Composition (also performed by Ethan)

George Farrar

Performance (Tenor Saxophone)

Composition (Featuring Jimi on guitar and George on Bass)


Aakash Dharmaraj

Performance One (Cornet)

Performance Two (Cornet)


Thomas Saysell





Alex Lal





Jude Anderson-Maguire



Performance (Piano)

Composition (Written and performed by Jude)


Aska Nabeshima



Performance (Piano)


Brendan Gallagher



Performance (Saxophone)