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Early Years Foundation Stage

Our dedicated and experienced staff strive to create a happy, safe and caring environment in which the young mind will flourish under our specialist guidance. We aim to encourage a love for learning from an early age by offering a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum through which our pupils enjoy a range of rich learning experiences that are not only fun but challenging and engaging for all.

Following our redevelopment, the Reception classes now benefit from a specially designed ‘EYFS unit’ and outdoor area which enables us to capture the interests of every pupil as they seek to develop their skills through exploration  and investigation. To them, they are simply playing and having fun as they learn to work together and begin to develop essentials such as persistence and independent thinking.

“Activity time is just so much fun…. There’s so much to do!”

Enriching the Curriculum

Here at Stanfield we recognise the importance of play and how it underpins both development and learning for young, curious and inquisitive minds. Through spontaneous and adult-led play, we observe how children’s intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional development impacts on their learning and we plan further challenges and opportunities for them to extend their knowledge and understanding.

We use the national guidelines for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as the basis for our curriculum, incorporating the seven main areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  •  Physical Development
  •  Communication and Language
  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Specialist Teaching

Within our EYFS unit, the children are able to explore a wide range of ICT resources including cameras, programmable toys, computers and tablets. To support their learning in this area, the children also access the facilities available in our ICT suite benefiting from the sessions led by our specialist staff there.

Another highlight of our week is our class music session with our specialist teacher, and children can also attend our lunchtime ‘Little Choir’ singing club along with children in Years One and Two. As pupils progress through the school, opportunities for individual music tuition on a wide variety of instruments, with visiting music teachers, become available for an additional charge.

Being Active

Our team of Physical Education staff lead the Reception pupils three times a week in timetabled lessons in Gymnastics, Music and Movement, Athletics and Games, including golf and tennis, on a seasonal rota.

Physical Development is a Prime Area within the EYFS Curriculum and opportunities to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills are maximised on a daily basis, whether it be via our Adventure Playground time, free-flow outdoor play during our daily child initiated sessions, or our ‘Funky Finger Workout’ sessions involving a variety of activities and exercises to develop dexterity.

Memorable Days

The curriculum is enriched by a number of trips, special celebrations linked to our topic and a range of whole school events. The children’s performances to parents at Christmas time and our end of year ’Celebration’ allow them to build their confidence and express their creativity.

Working in Partnerships

Particularly for our younger children, the part you play in supporting your child is vital too. Bringing your child to the unit each day not only helps them to feel settled, but also provides an opportunity to share any information about your child both at home or in school.In addition to our ’Introduction to the EYFS at MTPS’ meeting held in September parents are welcome to make appointments at any other time.There are also more formal opportunities for discussion – Parents’ Evening consultations in October and March, and at the end of the summer term there is a written report.

Throughout your child’s Reception year, a Learning Journey Profile for your child is collated featuring observations of your them whilst at play and demonstrating how they might applying their learning independently. A range of photographs, samples of work and written notes illustrate the progress and development of your child throughout their time in our Reception. Our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions are a much anticipated occasion when children can invite parents or a family member to join them in our unit for a session and explore the areas within our unit. This is a firm favourite amongst our children as they
show you the activities they enjoy to participate in and also provides a chance for you to see the potential learning opportunities that are designed to engage and enthuse. It is also a time when the children can share their Portfolio with you, showcasing them with great pride!

Further Information

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 
Early Years Outcomes
What to Expect, When?

EYFS Policies

Personal and Intimate Care Policy

Sun Protection Policy for EYFS

Our information booklets for both parents and prospective Reception pupils can be downloaded using the links below…

Reception New Starter Booklet – Harrison Starts School 2020

Welcome to Stanfield Booklet

Join Us!

If you are interested in registering your child for a place in one of our Reception classes you an either join us for one of our ‘Open Day’ events or make an appointment for a tour.

Our registration form can be obtained by visiting the Admissions page. This can be submitted at any time prior to your child starting school.

Once the registration form and fee has been accepted, your child will be invited to come into the unit for a session, usually in the February prior to their September start date, to determine whether a place will be offered. Details of this will be sent out via post.

If successful, you will receive a letter offering a place along with various forms to be completed and returned to school.

Our meeting for new parents and transition afternoon for children take place in June, again you will be notified by post.

We look forward to meeting you!