Interhouse photography competition 2018

Congratulations to all girls who entered this year’s competition. The standard was extremely high.

Criteria used was in 4 areas:

1. Adherence to subject – in this case ‘mother nature in my local environment’ (40% weighting): looking for things occurring naturally and found locally.
2. Not ‘just another cat’ – does it show something a little bit unusual (20%):
3. Composition – is the picture framed well with no unnecessary distractions (20%)
4. Focus & lighting – is the picture in focus and displayed with good/appropriate lighting (20%)

1st: Izzy McLoughline Year 7 Selene

2nd: Molly Dean Year 11 Gaia

3rd=: Eleanor Mercer Year 8 Minerva & Lucy Showering Year 8 Minerva



The following girls are all commended:


All entries gained points for their House with Selene on 120 points, Minerva 100 points, Gaia 60 points and Thalia 20 points.

Special thanks to Ollie from Ollie Gyte Photography for judging the entries and also for donating the 1st place prize of a voucher worth £90.00 for a photography shoot and print. Ollie is also for giving up his time to come into school to allow the prize winners the opportunity of a working lunch where they can learn more about photography.

Entries will be displayed in Reception and available to view on Facebook and Instagram. Well done to all, beautiful pictures and a superb display of talent!