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Extra Curricular for Junior Boys

The aim of our comprehensive extracurricular programme is to give pupils the opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning experiences. An integral part of the ethos at Merchant Taylors’ Junior Boys’ School (MTJBS) is to nourish the whole child and to give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.

Different clubs: more opportunities in sport

Sporting activities are an important part of the extracurricular opportunities on offer at MTJBS as they encourage boys to improve their teamwork and leadership in a fun and competitive environment. Rugby, swimming and cricket all have specific team training sessions to ensure that pupils continue to develop their skills. As a result of these coaching sessions, our school teams have enjoyed success in competitive fixtures against other independent school around the North West and beyond.

Opportunities are also on offer to all boys not in teams. It is important that pupils are given the chance to enjoy and benefit from sport, regardless of their ability. We currently offer an excellent range of sporting clubs that are open to all in the year group:

  • Badminton (Y4/5/6)
  • Basketball (Y5/6)
  • Football (Jamie Carragher Soccer School) – all years
  • Fencing (Y5/6)
  • Tennis and short tennis (Y3/4)
  • Fitness (all)
  • Cricket (Y5/6)
  • Judo (all)
  • Running Club (Y3)
  • Rowing (Y5/6)

An outcome of having such a comprehensive sporting programme is that pupils at MTJBS have an interest in sport and value it as a hobby or pastime. This means that pupils are developing an enjoyment of keeping fit and healthy. This contributes to our aim of developing the whole child, as sporting opportunities increase pupils’ health, self-esteem and resilience.


Since the last inspection, MTJBS has continued to develop the extracurricular programme and there are now more opportunities than ever for developing leadership skills. We currently have the following clubs that give opportunities for this:

  • Eco Warriors – pupils have given an assembly explaining the importance of caring for the environment
  • Reading buddies – Y5 boys are prepared for leadership by visiting Merchant Taylors’ Primary School to help with reading in the summer term. This also helps them get to know some of the boys who move up from Y2 before they arrive.
  • Year 5 Leadership Award
  • Young Enterprise Club – pupils work together to create a product to sell during school hours. They start with an initial £5 investment and compete to see who can make the most profit.
  • School Council
  • Community and Charity Club Teams

One of our aims was to include more boys in teams. Such opportunities develop pupils’ self-esteem and allows them to gain experience of competitive sport. This year we have been able to field A-D teams for both Year 5 and 6, which has meant a total of 80 boys have been able to represent the school. On one Saturday morning this year, a further 42 boys were involved in a rugby fixture!

Team opportunities:

  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Biathlon
  • Cricket

Creativity and Language

We want to encourage our pupils to develop their linguistic and artistic talents. The number of clubs in this area has increased in the last two years. Clubs on offer:

  • Chess Café and Chess Coaching
  • Drama
  • French Club
  • Y5 Debating Club
  • Y3 Spanish Club
  • Y3 Italian Club
  • Choir
  • Joint Orchestra (at MTGS)
  • Reading Buddies
  • Art Club

Please click here for the Spring Term Extra-Curricular Timetable