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This year, the Eco-Council and the Birdie club have joined forces. This is a combined club that will run every Monday lunchtime, 12:30 – 1pm for boys from all year groups. Each form group has a designated Eco-Council representative and they must attend the Eco-Warriors club each week, but any other boys are also welcome to attend. Eco-Warriors are responsible for ensuring that the John Bebb wildlife garden is maintained throughout the year. This includes doing jobs such as:

* Picking up any fallen apples

* Filling the bird feeders with birdseed

* Planting, and maintaining, new seeds

* Ensuring the garden is a positive environment

* Pond dipping

* Insect investigations

Each week we will have a different focus. Boys will be tasked lead themed eco weeks across the school, for example ‘Walk to School Week’, and be environmental role models for the rest of the school.