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Junior Leadership Award

Available to Year 5 in 2018-19, and moving through to Year 5 and 6 in 2019-20, the Junior Leadership Award is intended to promote leadership, independence, community spirit, long lasting health and wellbeing and a sense of adventure in the boys who choose to undertake it.

Modelled on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, but with built in differences to adapt it to younger ages, the boys will undertake activities in four different areas:

Personal Interest – Develop a personal interest or skill.

Physical Activity – Take part in a sport or physical activity.

Me and my community – volunteer your time to make a positive contribution to someone else’s life.

Adventure – Undertake an adventurous journey in the outdoors.

The Award is flexible and adaptable, so that any boy who chooses to undertake it has a chance of success. By engaging with a structured after school programme, the boys will learn a number of new skills to enable them to achieve their aims, and to be able to continue healthy, engaging pursuits for life.