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Junior Reporters Club


Uniform Week by Harry Moores

This week is going to be Uniform Week. What happens is that everyone gets a card with ten yellow stars. You write your name and house (where it says Name and house). So you’ve written your house (that is Parker, Grant, Milton or York) – I’m in York (Mr Wardle is too) as well because Yorkie Boyz are THE BEST.  If you look scruffy you get stopped by a teacher and get one star taken off.  The house with the most amount of stars wins 50 merits for their house.

Hopefully, this week, if you are coming to the Junior School you should see a lot of tidy boys!


Milo Paine is one of our Year 3 boys and also a Junior Reporter. Here are his thoughts about a couple of things in Year 3 so far…

In Y3B we went to CHET and CHET was the best school trip EVER in the universe. I think all off Year 3 thinks that as well. I like all of the teachers in the Junior School.

Milo Paine 30/01/17

Keeping fit assembly By Danish Rajkumar

Today, our class had an assembly about keeping fit doing exercise and eating the correct food. The objective is to live a long and happy life. Adam and I were talking about a healthy diet and what it is.

We hope that our assembly will help the boys (and staff) in our school make good choices when it comes to keeping healthy.

Kid’s Lit Quiz Report December 2016 by Jonathan Corner

We went to the Senior Girl’s school to take part in the Kid’s Lit Quiz (an international literature quiz for children)

Most of the other teams there were older than us as there were mostly senior schools taking part. The quiz itself was in rounds of different topics all related to literature and books-for example: authors, mythical creatures and some about Harry Potter. Overall it was quite challenging with questions ranging from difficult to fairly easy questions.

Our team started well but some of the categories had us stumped. Our team was me the Captain (Jonathan Corner), Sam Fell, Joe Cosgrove and Darren Toh. We worked well together and kept up a good team spirit but in the end the first place went to King’s School Chester, but we all know that we tried our best. It was not to be Shakey…

To start off, I think we all enjoyed 2016. It was a fun and exciting year of school. We had many fun school trips such as Chester Zoo, Patterdale Hall in Year 4 and we even went to the pantomime to see Beauty and the Beast.

In year five we have had many fun lessons such as exploring new techniques in maths and doing many exciting science experiments.

I am really looking forward to 2017. We are going to France in the Easter holidays and Newlands in Year Six. We will be doing more challenging lessons and that will make them even more exciting. In Year Six we have our entrance exam so we had better be working hard in Year Five so we get in to the Senior School. I am really looking forward to the rest of the year.

This is the end of my report so stop reading this and make the most of 2017.

By Drew Hutchinson

New Year Assembly by Charlie Burdekin

This morning Y5R had an assembly on New Year. The assembly was about looking back on 2016 and looking forward to 2017. Everyone from the class said what their favourite thing that they did was. It went from scoring goals to trips to Florida and Vegas! At the end of the assembly Y5R shared their New Year resolutions. The resolution that mostly everyone said was that they were going to clean their bedrooms but let’s see if they actually do! Then the assembly ended with a prayer.

Everyone loved the assembly.

French club by Danish Rajkumar

In French Club , we have been learning about a wide variety of things: Animals , families , food and normal everyday words. When I started I did not know a single thing but now I am in Year 4 and I know a lot of French because of our teacher, Mrs Thorburn.

Anyone who goes to French Club will learn a very useful language …and have some fun too!

Frank Cottrell Boyce Visit by Drew Hutchinson

On Monday 5th December, the author, Frank Cottrell Boyce, came to our school to talk to us and to sell some books. He told us of his childhood and what inspired him to become an author. He read a bit of his books which I’m sure has made everyone want to buy one of his books. I’m planning on getting ‘Broccoli Boy’ which Frank read out in assembly. He will inspire many to be an author and made everybody enjoy assembly a lot.

Frank Cottrell Boyce Visit by Jude Williams

On 5th December, Frank Cottrell Boyce came and had a chat with us about his books. Overall he has lots of books such as Millions, Cosmic,Brocoli boy, Framed, Sputnik guide to life  and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -3. We got a chance to buy a book and get it signed by Frank.

It was a really interesting and entertaining talk and I am looking forward to reading some of his books over the coming months.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being performed by Y4 rehearsals, by Jude Williams

We have been practising for the Year 3 and 4 Christmas play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, taking place on Thursday 8th December 2016 .

There are so many in the cast that we have split the main parts to allow for more of us to take part in as a main character. There is now Charlie and his brother Jim Bucket, together with Willy and his brother Walter Wonka .

We have great teachers who are helping us throughout rehearsals. We only have 2 weeks until the play but we are not worried as we are ready for the performance.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Danish Rajkumar

On the Thursday  8th December J4 and J3 are doing a play called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are now practising without any scripts.

I think that the best is James Criddle playing as Augustus Gloop and Joseph Wake playing  Mr Beugarde/Mrs Beugarde . I am playing Mrs Salt in the play and I have to wear a dress and a blonde wig.

The teachers that helped are: Mrs Wynne, Miss Fraser and Mrs White . There are two Bucket boys (Charlie and Jack) and 2  Wonkas (Willy and Walter) and there are nine narrators, a man called Uncle Bert and a man called Slugworth .

I think that it will be brilliant!


AJIS Chess Tournament – Report by Drew Hutchinson – Y5L

On Saturday 19th November Year 5 and Year 6 went to Bolton School to play chess. We all played five games each against different people from different schools. All of us won at least one game that we played and every win was worth a point. We had breaks between each game and we had our own classroom to stay in between games.
We brought our own pack lunch and had a set time for lunchtime and for a bit of fresh air. At the end of all the matches we got our bags and went to the hall for prize giving. We were all in a group and the top three people of each group got a medal. Eben Cooper got a bronze medal in his group as well as Sam Fell getting silver and Darren Toh getting gold.
We all played well and went home with our heads held high.

Friction in Science by Harry Moores Y4H

We have been looking at FRICTION in Science and Daniel Cosgrove Brought in his bike! It was really exiting. We looked at the friction of a bike and how it was good to be smooth or rough. It was great fun and everybody loved it! Last week we measured a shoe that was really fun as well (although it doesn’t sound like much fun!!).


Anti Bullying Week by Jude Williams – Year 4, Finley Arnold – Year 3 and Danish Rajkumar – Year 4

This week we discussed ways to stop bullying. If you are getting bullied don’t hesitate to tell someone. Silence is the bully’s friend so always tell a teacher or a responsible adult. If you are a bully what would you feel like if someone bullied you?  Merchant Taylors’ Junior Boys’ want to try and stop bullying once and for all in our school. We have to start thinking about a lot of other people more this week.  If you see somebody being bullied go over and help – or tell someone.

Seb Rice from Year 4 said “I’m so glad I’m not being bullied.”

Hadin Saghir said “Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself.”

Harry Moores from Year 4 said “Never bully somebody – always try to help them. “

Dylan Travis from Year 4 said “If you are bullying someone think – would you like being bullied”

Teacher Mr Wardle he said “Bullying is a horrible thing. Hopefully in our school no one will be bullied but, if they are, they now know who to turn to for help.”

by Jude Williams

 Today Y5L did a fantastic assembly on ANTI BULLYING WEEK.

Anti-Bullying Week  is about not bullying people and being kind to everyone not being mean.

by Finley Arnold

This week, we are taking part in Anti-Bullying week about not being mean to others. In Monday’s assembly, Mr Youngson talked us through a presentation that he made to show us to not bully .

The first one  showed a girl who said “I am so glad that I don’t wear glasses” because there was a boy that had blue and shiny glasses. We talked about why the girl said that she hope she doesn’t like to have glasses . So we said “She maybe dosen’t like glasses and maybe she thinks that the boy’s  glasses are crazy and she thinks he’s crazy as well because his glasses are round glasses and the girl thinks the shape and the blue colour is very stupid”.
Asked about bullying, Mr Wardle said “That Bullying is a very bad thing because he dosen’t like it”

I hope that nobody would ever bully in Merchant Taylors’ Junior Boys’ School

by Danish Rajkumar 

MacMillan Charity Assembly by Danish Rajkumar

This Wednesday we had an assembly about MacMillan charity because last year we did a Sportathon and we had a Cake Sale recently. We participated in fun games and prizes were passed out – and we raised £4,602.20! So some people from MacMillan and a mug called Muggy came in to school to collect a cheque.

Then they told the history behind MacMillan. A man called Douglas MacMillan started the charity and they have helped lots of people who do not have anybody to help them:  MacMillan help people with cancer. So a big THANK YOU to all of the people of Merchant Taylors’ Junior Boys School. The nurses of MacMillan work a lot to help so we need to say thank you to MacMillan and everybody who helps the MacMillan charity in any way.


Mr Stanley’s Remembrance Day assembly– report by Jude Williams Y4W

We talked about Remembrance Day and how lots of people sacrifice their lives for us. Sometimes we have to help others as these did to help us . Sometimes it can be leaders who start horrid wars.
At graveyards soldiers were lined up as if they were in line up ready for battle. Parents and family members would write something on their grave. We learned so many people risked and sacrificed their lives for us.


Milo Paine has been at the Junior School in Year 3 since September. He is an enthusiastic Junior Reporter! Below are some of his thoughts that he wanted to share with everyone. 
A big thank you to Milo for such a good report! 

Half of Y3B had some matches last week. We won 3 matches and drew 1.
There are 4 houses called Parker, Grant, York and Milton.
Y3B’s teacher is called Mrs Bonfante. Y3W’s teacher is called Mr O’Shaughnessy (with Mr Wardle some of the time).
There are a lot of clubs.
There are very talented children at Merchants’.
Y3B has lots of good kids.
If you are REALLY good you get a special playtime.
Merchant Taylors’ has a music  room but with a lot of rooms.
The head teacher Mrs Thomas is really nice (like me!) and she’ll give you a special sticker which means you’re a great writer.
We had a Harvest Assembly where we all collected food to be given to a food bank. Boys had to do jobs at home to earn the food to bring in.
At MTJBS we have 2 lunch ladies called Mrs O’Sullivan and Mrs Rule. They are both really nice.
At Merchant Taylors’ we have the best teachers in the world. Merchants’ is the best!

Newlands Adventure Centre by Hadin Saghir Wednesday 11th October 2016

 This year the year 6s went to Newlands and it was the trip of a life time because it was so much fun and there was so many activities to do, such as climbing, gorge walking and canoeing. I had so much fun. The best part was tea because we had pizza (Pizza is my favourite food). The instructors are very kind and funny. The activities are really action-packed.

We had bunk beds which were really comfortable. It had vending machines, a pool table and table football.

Newlands is action packed and full of spine chilling activities.


We drew around our friends for science and we cut them out and then we drew all the bones, joints and  internal organs including the brain.  One week later, we watched a video about Hydro, Exo  and Endo skeletons. We watched a picture and it was a worm and everybody said “That’s disgusting!!” The worm had a hydro skeleton!

Settling In – October 2016 by Drew Hutchinson

So far, Year Five has been spectacular! Moving up to John Bebb House has made us feel a lot more grown up, with our two teachers, Mrs Rogers and Mr Lyon, making all of the lessons as fun as they possibly can be. We also are now in sets for maths and English. I think it makes people more comfortable as they are working with boys of similar abilities.  I enjoy doing maths in my set, for at the end of the lesson, Mr Lyon tells us a riddle that we all have to crack. Even after about four lessons we haven’t been able to crack one!

I enjoy doing science too. Especially as we are learning about the Earth Sun and Moon. Mr Wardle took us for a lesson once and showed us how shadows are formed.

We haven’t been on a school trip yet, but some of us are going to France in the Easter Holiday. In my English set we get to write a story nearly every lesson. I am really enjoying Year Five and I am really looking forward to the adventures that await us.