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School Council

Since March 2009 Class Representatives have been elected after they pitched for the post to represent the opinions of their class at School Council meetings. The School Council meetings, which take place each half term, provide a platform for the boys to develop social skills, gain self-confidence and to express the views of their class.

In addition to the Class Representatives, the Head Boy and his Deputies are on the Council. One of these boys is appointed as the “Chairman” of the Council with the responsibility of ensuring we have the input from all Class Representatives. Mrs Ashcroft, is the Staff Representative and Secretary taking the “Minutes” and following-up the points raised at the meetings. Mrs Johnson, who retired as Governor in January 2013, attended most meetings and her advice and support was most welcome. Mrs Pope, Bursar to all four Merchants Schools attends all the meetings and Mr Davies, Catering Manager attends one or two meetings per year as the food/lunchtime menu is very close to the boys’ hearts!

The Class Forums are where, “Every pupil’s opinion matters and will be heard”. All boys have the opportunity to raise issues regarding any aspect of school life which concerns them. Topics include school lunches, playtime activities etc. Each boy has the right to put his opinion forward and offer an explanation as to why/how it will benefit the school, enabling them to learn the skills which will help them become an active citizen.

The School Council has influenced:-
Ø playground markings
Ø the lunchtime play equipment including chalkboards, scoops & balls, building blocks, racquets with shuttlecocks etc
Ø refurbished cloakrooms for year 6
Ø numerous items relating to the lunchtime menu
Ø padding on the goal posts change to 4 pairs of goal posts attached to the fence
Ø water fountains