Michael Pinder (2008 Leaver) – A Rewarding Career at the Bank of England

A Rewarding Career: Michael Pinder and the Bank of England

I have worked at the Bank of England since September 2013. As the central bank, the Bank is a unique organisation at the heart of economics, public policy and current affairs.

After leaving Merchants in 2008 I initially read geography at the University of Leeds. I decided to leave Leeds after one oxbow lake too many. As I am interested in a number of social sciences, I was spoilt for choice when choosing a degree. I then read Law at the University of Liverpool. Law is a fascinating discipline as the rule of law provides the framework within which individuals, companies and governments must operate.

But how did I go from a Law degree to the Bank? One of my optional module choices was Banking Law. This module covered the role of the Bank and the evolution of financial regulation. In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, this module was very interesting and triggered my interest in the Bank.

My first role was in banking supervision in the Prudential Regulation Authority (which is part of the Bank). Through this role I learnt about the financial sector and how to identify and analyse different risks. One highlight of the role was a work trip to New York (someone had to do it!). I then moved to a policy role focused on the resolution of banks. During the financial crisis some banks were subject to unpopular taxpayer bailouts. These banks can be considered ‘Too Big To Fail’. Working to make banks resolvable illustrates how the Bank is tasked with dealing with key public policy questions. It is highly motivating to be making a difference and working for the public good.

It was a pleasure to revisit Merchants and speak to current Economics pupils in November. I feel that Merchants has provided me with a strong grounding for my life through excellent teachers and activities such as the Combined Cadet Force and sport. I’ve also made friends for life and enjoy going to alumni events to keep in touch with my fellow Old Crosbeians. Crescat Crosbeia!

Michael Pinder

Michael Pinder with Head of Economics Mr Farrell and Mr Kay

Michael Pinder and Sixth Form Economists

Michael with MTS Sixth Form Economists