MTBS Music Competition

On Tuesday 10th of March, the annual Music Competition took place at MTBS with our guest adjudicator, maestro of electro, Alan Keary or, as he’s better known in the underground Manchester Music scene, Shunya. Mr Keary was treated to a day of musical performance that you could only find here at Merchant Taylors’.

In our never-ending quest to challenge pupils’ and their perceptions of Music, Mr Taylor gave a spell-binding masterclass of all things electronic Music related including a live, looped rendition of songs Mr Taylor composed himself which gave tremendous insight into the ever-shifting definition of what it is to be a musician in this day and age. Pupils were then given the opportunity to utlise the equipment on show to create their own Music using a wide variety of pedals, plug-ins, triggers and synthesis.

The pupils left the masterclass with a greater appreciation of Music in the electronic world with several of them wanting to start learning straight away. We will be working with Mr Keary to ensure we continue to update our current electronic Music modules to be amongst the finest, industry-preparing standard in the country.