Old Crosbeians Wessex Lunch 2017

Two Bank Holiday weekends left just two other Saturdays in May’s calendar this year. The usual competitive bids from family occasions and holidays for those two dates meant that recruiting attendees for this year’s Wessex Luncheon proved to be rather more difficult than usual. Fortunately it all worked out very well in the end with those Old Crosbeians returning from previous absence more than compensating for those members who were unable to join the party. The May weather proved rather less reliable although it didn’t rain and the Hampshire countryside was, as ever, at its freshest and greenest best.

This year we were especially delighted to welcome Jeremy Myers in his office as the Association’s President since we have had his company on two previous occasions as the guest who has travelled the farthest. A man who certainly deserves some recognition as ever willing to brave the uncertainties of the British national railway network on a weekend.

Others present were Richard & Shirley Cropper (fortunately managing to miss any traffic jams this year !), Norman Dixon, Steve & Gisela Duckworth, Michael & Barbara Durham, Keith & Ann Evans, John, Robert & Mary Goble, Bill & Lynne Hacking, Michael Purse, Michael & Maureen Sharp and Alfred & Isabel Witham. Unfortunately, Sylvia Scott had the distinction of being the sole representative of the Girls’ School this year but we continue to attempt to raise awareness of this OC event with their local alumni.

Jeremy Myers took advantage of the occasion to repeat the salient points of the recent decisions made by the Schools’ Governors and to remind us that the quatercentenary of the School’s foundation was already the subject of extensive planning ahead of 2020. He also took the opportunity to affirm that his successor as President, David Cairns, would be looking forward to attending the Wessex Lunch in 2018. Finally, after both the Loyal Toast and that to ‘The School’ he led the customary choral finale to a reasonably competent rendition of ‘Crescat Crosbeia’ before the company departed on their homeward journeys after yet another thoroughly enjoyable OC Occasion.

Always a good sign, a table of empty plates! Our President, Jeremy Myers is talking to Shirley Cropper and Michael Purse, a Past President, seems well contented with his lunch.

Hugh Parkman and Sylvia Scott take a break from recalling some breaches in the ‘Berlin Wall’ social restrictions that existed between the two Crosby Schools during the 1950’s.

Four more satisfied lunchers : Michael & Barbara Durham (right), Keith & Ann Evans (left).