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Mr O Harkness – Head of Department

Mr N A Hunt 

Mr J B Green

Mrs S Jones

Geography at Merchant Taylors’ aims to foster pupil enquiry into the earth’s physical and human environments whilst giving them a better understanding of their place in an ever changing world.  The department prides itself on making the subject we teach both interesting and relevant to pupils of the 21st century.  All topics within the course will give pupils an understanding of contrasting physical and human environments whilst promoting enquiry and discovery.

We aim to develop skills of critical enquiry as well as a firm understanding of concepts through a variety of key questions. The opportunity for fieldwork and practical experience is seen as an important part of the learning experience and the department is committed to providing a varied programme that involves work at home and abroad.

Geography gives pupils an insight into the relationships between people and the environment and how each affects the other and to comprehend the concept of sustainable development. Geography enables students to foster a sympathetic understanding of some of the major issues of social concern such as poverty, climate change and population problems.

We encourage all pupils to appreciate how actions and decisions made at a local level can have global implications; as a consequence, there are frequent lively discussions on themes as varied as the management and conservation of extreme environments to the creation of sustainable communities in modern cities.